Rebuild has been one of the largest releases of this year, scoring millions of plays around the web and a rating of nearly 4 and a half stars on Kongregate, 9.1 on Armor Games and 4.4 on Newgrounds. Now Sarah Northway presents her newest game, Rebuild 2 which promises many new and improved features! Here’s what Sarah had to say: “For the sequel I added all kinds of new content, new systems for skills and equipment, plotlines, characters and hidden endings. I teamed up with an artist to bring a gritty realism to the character art and animations, and licensed some dark and atmospheric new music. I get emails every day from people who can’t wait to play the sequel, and the fans I’ve been playtesting with are super excited about everything I’ve changed.” I’m really excited for the new game and can’t wait to start playing it!

Rebuild 2

Rebuild 2 is currently up for sponsorship on Flash Game License, the largest community for buying and selling games. So if you’re a sponsor, this could be a great opportunity for you, but expect fierce competition from other bidders as this is going to, without a doubt, be a very highly rated game that already has a giant and loyal audience! While it’s on FGL everyone is allowed to test the game and send feedback to the developers. So if you simply want to play the game before it’s finally released, or want to suggest ideas play test the game you can! Be sure to check out the trailer below, if you haven’t already, or skip down the the link to the FGL page!

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