I just snagged my copy of the new Nintendo 3DS today and it did not disappointed! I came into it a bit sceptically about the system, “3d graphics with out glasses?” but I quickly warmed up the system when I saw my first three-dimensional images in the start-up guide that initiates when you turn on the DS for the first time. The graphics felt as though they were coming right off of the screen. No noticeable disortion to the graphics was done, which I liked. Graphics looked natural and colorful. of course, there is an option to lower, or turn off the 3D viewing experience via a slider on the top screen. The 3DS It has a very good look overall, accompanied by a sleek and modern design. Buttons have been redone with a new, and responsive analog stick, accompanied by the classic four directional pad near the bottom of the system. The games I’ve played so far have taken a liking to the pad instead of the analog. Overall, very impressive graphics and a sleek design. For me, the Nintendo 3DS ranks as the number one, most innovative (and smartly executed) handheld to date.

What really caught my eye, is the AR Games. When you buy a Nintendo 3DS, you should find several AR Cards in the packaging. At first glance they don’t look like anything special, but when you load up a program called AR Games on the main menu of the DS and then use your camera aimed at the cards you’ll see a whole new world. Appearing on your kitchen table are forests and dragons, along with some of your favorite Nintendo characters. The first time I played an AR Game I flipped – this is probably one of the coolest features in a handheld EVER. While playing AR games you may need to shift around the room to turn the new world. Nintendo has included some of the most innovative ideas in the Nintendo 3DS!

My first game that I played was Tom Clancy Ghost Recon: Shadow War, a turn-based, strategy shooter that pits you against bandits in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine along with various missions, such as holding off for a certain amount of time, until help arrives, to killing all of the enemies, or commanders. The 3D graphics are exceptional and to me, they feel like they’re popping out of the screen. I’d have to compare TCGR:SW to Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced I and II where it very much turned based, and tile based, with similar moving and attacking systems. What is different, is that in TCGR:SW different classes yeidl different abilities and different weapons also allow for new abilities, whereas in FFTA and FFTA:GR abilities are earned through learning skills from different armors and weapons. Both systems have their upsides and downsides. Also TCGR:SW seemes to have a better defense system that allows for you to hide behind various objects for cover, while in FFTA1 and II, seemed to let you in the open the entire game. If you’re aiming to grab a copy of the Nintendo 3DS, you’ll definitely want to get this game with it! Here’s a trailer of the game below:

If you’re looking for an amazing 3D experience, or just looking for one of the most unique gaming experiences around,  you won’t find any better place than the Nintendo 3D which plunges you into a world that you can practically touch. Fortunately, the price of the 3DS has dropped a bit and now lies at a cool $170 – so now is a perfect time to snatch one up! I hope that everyone will enjoy the 3DS experience as much as I did!