Castaway Island TD is now out on Armor Games! This fun and exciting Castaway styled tower defense game will bring you through tons of tower defense fun and will challenge you to kill the creeps that are trying to destroy the crystals that stand for all that is pure and good – protect them at all costs! Castaway Island TD is definitely one of the most fun tower defense games that I’ve played in a while as it brings some new interesting concepts and carries over the fantastic Castaway theme! THis game can be a little bit challenging, but the first boss is definitely the most frustrating part of the game as you’re left with little supplies and a big monster to kill! The walkthrough below, by me, shows how to kill the beast on easy mode! I’ve attempted to kill the first boss on normal mode, but never killed him.

If you are in normal mode, it’s going to take some luck. I’d suggest planting a gas tower at the front-lines and hoping for a freeze gem. If you get that attach it to the gas tower and place two freeze traps near the entrance. Sell the gas tower when the boss is out of range and then buy a second gas tower near the end of the level. Plant as many freeze traps as you can near this new tower. If done correctly you should be able to kill the first boss in normal mode. Anyway, here in the easy mode walkthrough:

TIPS: You must make at the least, 160 gold pieces on the first wave to be able to purchase the very necessary gas tower. Once the boss is out of range of the gas tower be sure to sell it and buy a couple more spear towers towards the end of the level. Be sure to place two freeze traps at the beginning on the wave Ito allow your gas tower to do the most damage possible). Then place two or three freeze traps at the end of the level. If you find any gems in the first wave, try to attach them to the gas tower. All other gems should be place on your last defensive line. That should allow you to kill the boss very easily!

Have other tips or strategies that could help others? Leave a comment below!