Want to win 10K to spent at Gamestop on all of the newest releases and your favorite games? Then try your luck in Kongregate’s newest raffle! Reach level five in Tyrant, the highest rated MMO on Kongregate, and earn your chance to win $10,000! There’s a little bit more to the contest as well, if you wish to be entered into the raffle, you also have to visit a local Gamestop store and get a code to enter into another page to claim your entry, or else you won’t be eligible for the raffle – so be sure you do that! Another thing, only United State residents are eligible for this raffle. If you also reach level 10 in Tyrant, you can earn a second entry into this contest and have double the chance of winning!


Also, good news for those of you looking a for a little bit of extra PowerUp Reward Points – just by playing the game (Tyrant) and reach level 2 in the game, you can earn a quick 150 PowerUp Reward Points and by reach level 5 and 10 you can each a combined 750 points!

So get moving, play the game and reach level 5 for your chance to win $10,000! Good luck!

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