Kingdom Rush is a new and innovative tower defense (TD) game by IRONHIDEGAMES, a relatively new game studio based in Uruguay. Kingdom Rush, unlike conventional tower defense games, you must build your towers, which can be upgraded to grant new abilities, on “strong-points.” Towers range from hurling spells, arrows, explosives, and sending out troops to guard the round, which I love! There are a total of 20 individual levels, I believe) and tons of enemies to destroy! This is truly a tower defense game like none-other as it expands upon the TD genre, with new and innovative gameplay concepts.

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is actually a very challenging game. Like most strategy games, there is always a plan that you can go by to win almost every battle. The best strategy that I could find was to send a bunch of high-leveled guards into the road – in a intersection for best results – and then have artillery blasting the groups that is formed by the roadblock. This strategy will get you through most of the game with little problem, just try to reserve four or so spots for soldiers and another one or two spots for artillery and that is all you should need. I loved the limited spacing on the board, so that you to work with limited towers, which actually added a bit of challenge as you had to work with only the provided slots and fend off hordes of enemies.

The overall gameplay was fantastic. The game was very innovative and the gameplay didn’t actually feel too much like a tower defense game. Armor Games has recently hosted two very original tower defense games, Crush the Castle TD and this one, and that kind of sets a new standard for tower defense games which some previous games have meet, and unfortunately, many others have not. Expanding on an earlier idea, an aspect of the game, that I loved, was that there were the strong-points that you could place your towers on. This way, you couldn’t just spam the best towers everywhere on the map, but instead you had to decide where would it be best to place my towers, in the most strategic fashion? My favorite concept, or factor, of this game, was that there were mini soldiers that you could command and that they could block the road. This really allowed for many interesting gamplay styles, on the player’s hand, to come up with and granted an overall unique and innovative factor.

Kingdom Rush

The artwork was sublime and created a wondrousness colorful, and realistic world. I loved how the paths looked and how the grass had a nice, and realistic rugged look, as it poked over the path a bit. Grasses had a nice, natural look to them and the patches, and the different layers of grass not only gave a colorful touch, but also a nice lush-green grass feel. The trees looked great as well. The different towers, and how they evolved was also a very nice addition in my mind. Too many games get away with not showing different graphics, and while that is okay, in my mind, it is quite ideal and a nice touch of having different graphics appear as you progressed and upgraded your towers. Lastly, unit design, from your own soldiers to the creeps was very nice and matched the game well.

This game has some amazing music. I loved the classic battle music that accompanied the game, as you were launched into war. It had a great action theme, that gave the great sense of war. Kingdom Rush also made a great use of sound effects, that narrated everything you could possible want, from the bloody fights, to the more environmental sounds of the landscape – such as the bird. Battle sound effects were great, which were definitely necessary for such a already grand game. Artillery and other tower sound effects also sounded very good and worked well with the game.

All in all, Kingdom Rush is one of the best tower defense games that I’ve ever had the chance to play! If you enjoy great tower defense games, sit down with this game for a couple of hours for fun, enjoyable, compelling and innovative TD action! In review, the game is a bit difficult. Luckily, you can change the difficulty to easy mode (default, normal) to lessen the strength of the creeps. The gameplay was original and fun and one of my favorite features are the soldiers which can actually go onto the road and block the progression of the enemy units. The artwork looked great and worked really well with the game. I loved how the towers and unit looked different if you upgraded them. The music was the classic battle, action, type, which worked quite well with the game. It looped kind of quickly (about a 20-21 second piece), but if you’re playing the game, you don’t really notice it. Sound effects also sounded great. In conclusion, Kingdom Rush is one of the most innovative TD games that I’ve played in a long time, and is definitely a game that you should check out! Be sure to play it today on Armor Games!

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