When you first begin your adventure you’ll be asked to select a class. Depending on what class you are, you’ll want to stick with various weapons and different types of weapons. For example, if you’re looking for a good gun character, go with military. Law enforcement is a all-round class – good for any weapon. I stuck with military for a well-rounded gun class in the beginning of the game, but I soon found blunt weapons and found those more useful than pistols, or any other guns as they require a lot of ammo and that can be hard to come by at times. If you’d like pick a class that is either focused on blunt weaponry or guns. Once you’ve picked your class the game will begin. Note, your class isn’t too important and you’ll be able to earn new upgrade points for your character as your level up.

Here are a couple of tips as you play the game:

Enter every house and search all compartment – doing this, you may find valuable new items to equip to your character. While most of the stuff will be things that you don’t need, there are times you run into new and more damaging weaponry. This is also important for collecting ammo and cash.

Kill as many zombies as you can – This is a simple enough concept – kill zombies to level up, grow stronger and be able to kill the zombies even faster and with fewer hiccups. Try not to avoid zombies, but instead try to find them and search every room for them.

Zombies can fall through the ceiling – Keep an eye out, when in a room, you never know when the zombies are going to crash through the ceiling and into your hands. Little notice is given, so if you’re going to be away from the computer for a while leave the game on pause (achieved by either going to the settings or one of the other menu screens).

Blunt force weapons are great early on in the game – Early in the game, you’ll have very little ammo no matter what your class is. Try to stick with blunt force weapons such as baseball bats or wood. A little be later you’ll find the crowbar, which should hold you off for a while! Guns won’t have enough ammo in the beginning, so if you want to use a gun try to stockpile some ammo and then pull out the gun.

Try to carry only what you need – Like many popular adventure games, The Last Stand – Union City gives you a capacity limit and if you carry to much you’ll be over encumbered. Clothing isn’t really a necessity in this game, so carry shorts and a t-shirt. Food should be nutritional and should grant more than 10% health point and be light. Try not carrying too many weapons and only carry the ones you need. Try to keep a melee and a gun.

If you have any other tips or tricks for The Last Stand – Union City, please leave a comment below!