Wasted Youth Part 1 is a new, and quite addictively fun, adventure RPG game that follows a student as he goes to St. Frost’s Academy – a school for, as the developer describes it, “slackers, troublemakers and idiots.” This is your last chance to get an education, after being expelled from multiple schools beforehand. Fear not, though, this school isn’t about getting an education and working towards better grades, your goal is to skip classes, talk with other students and complete various main missions and side missions that will easily give you hours of addictive gameplay and fun! This new RPG / Sim game, by GPStudios, the developer of the Bunny Invasion series, starts to redefine the RPG series as it brings you through a very interactive world of St. Frost Academy with organic dialog and slick graphics and sounds.

Wasted Youth Part 1

Wasted Youth is a pretty straight forward kind of game that almost seemingly guides you through most of the game, leaving various puzzles and challenges in its wake for you to complete. Most of the game was actually pretty easy, even without the handy walkthrough, and most of the time it was just a matter of time and finding various objects, but every once in a while, you’d find yourself challenged to some degree. Since the game is more of an adventure RPG, and since it is based around school (no monsters are going to be popping up any time soon) it seemed hard to incorporate challenge. While the idea seems to remain, some of the game was quite challenging, such as finding all of the posters and the laser challenge in the cellar.

When I first saw this game, I wasn’t about to just jump into some massive RPG game – I didn’t want to play it for an hour and dread every moment, but after playing for a couple of minutes I soon found out that this has to be one of my favorite RPGs of all-time on Flash. The storyline was great and I loved the free-roam feel of the game. One of my favorite features, which I actually didn’t notice for the longest time, was that the quest givers were actually marked on the map. This gave you quick and easy access to the quest givers and eliminated some of the travel time. Speaking of traveling, the map for the game was huge and gave off a great roomy school feel. Traveling got a little tedious, but most RPGs are like that. The dialog also sounded pretty fluent and sounded natural. Characters also had different personalities and were unique to one another.

Wasted Youth Part 1

The artwork was incredible and I really liked the graphics. When I first began the game I knew that I recognized the style from somewhere – the completely shaded in eyes and character design – and it didn’t take me long to recall the great, and very popular, Bunny Invasion series, another great couple of games by GPStudios. The artwork was absolutely amazing and looked a lot like an actual school. Tiles looked great, and even though some things, upon inspection were tiled a lot, such as the desks, you didn’t really notice and they looked too great to complain at all. Everything in the game looked exceptional, especially the characters and environment.

I really liked the different music tracks that were in place. The music was, overall, of very good quality and worked with the game quite well no matter what you may be doing in the game. The music set a great mood and atmosphere for the game, which worked for both the adventure and detective theme of the game. All of the sound tracks that I heard were fantastic and sounded great. Sound effects were another big aspect of this game and sound effects were everywhere they needed to be – sounding great and working well with the environment.

All in all, Wasted Youth – Part 1 has to be one of my favorite adventure games of all-time as it holds a great storyline, wonderful gameplay, sublime artwork and unbelievable music. Anyone that is looking for a perfect adventure game will definitely want to check this game out today! In review, the game wasn’t very difficult; I’d say it is just perfect for an adventure/sim game. The gameplay was phenomenal and the storyline and characters really sucked me in and gave me hours and hours of addictive fun. The artwork, like I said before, is sublime and you can tell that the artist spent a lot of time on it. All of the art and sprites looked great and realistic. The place really did look like a school! The music was really nice and gave off a wondrous aurora for the game, give a good adventure theme. In conclusion, Wasted Youth – Part 1 is a phenomenal adventure game that will keep you hooked for hours to come!

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