MC2 : Burning Skies is the sequel to the insanely popular Mechanical Commando series. Although, this time around you aren’t defending and fighting on the grounds, but just the opposite – you’re miles above it in the air dogfighting with other enemies planes to a battle to the death. Jump into your ship and attack the enemy lines in this fast-paced, bullet-hell, shoot-em’-up, Mechanical Commando style. After each wave you’ll be able to purchase new equipment, weapons, and armors to help the fight against the increasingly difficult and more powerful enemies. If you love tough shooters then this is the game for you!

MC2 : Burning Skies

One thing that I have to make clear about this game is that the first level is nearly impossible unless you attempt it many times. You’re not going to pass the first level on your first go and it’ll be tedious. Level 2 will also be this way. The game is severely unbalanced in the beginning of the game and only until you have enough cash to upgrade to a better weapon (around the third stage) you’ll be fighting to survive every second. Once you do however purchase a strong item (for me it was the homing missiles) you’ll be able to tear through most of your enemies at a frantic pace. Later on in the game, it becomes much easier to complete each level. In a sense, the entire difficulty ramp is flipped and the hardest part of the game is levels one and two.

The gameplay was phenomenal and while it wasn’t anything like Mechanical Commando, the game was fun and enjoyable even without the branding. New weapons were fun to collect and maxing out the efficiency of your ship was strategic depending upon what you wanted to achieve and upon your play style. My only complaint, and problem with this game, is what I just mentioned – the game is much too difficult in the beginning. This is one of my favorite shooters that I’ve played in a while, but it seems that very few people are willing to invest their time with this game simply because they can’t pass the first level. I’d love to see the first couple of levels rebalanced to allow users a nicely sloped learning curve instead, of what one poster described it as, a cliff. Overall, the only thing I’d change in this game is the first couple of levels, which left many frustrated.

I thought that the aiming system was good, unlike a lot of commenter that I’ve noticed. Many people have pointed out that having to step into the firefight shouldn’t have been the only way to hit your enemy and instead the weapons should have a bit of angular projection, but I thought that it just added a bit more challenge to the game. Although, if you are looking to not get in front of the bullets buy the homing missiles and homing missile clusters later in the game.

MC2 : Burning Skies

A lot of the artwork looks like it was taken from the Mechanical Commando series, which is smart, and creates a similar environment to what you may have been exposed to before. I always love to see the same, or slightly altered pieces used in different environments and seeing how they compare. The graphics were really nice and looked sleek and modern. My favorite sprites were the bullets, which had a fantastic glow to them as they shot across the screen. Another feature that I enjoyed, was that when you upgraded your ship, you noticed that your ship change. Some games will only give your stat bonuses, but when you notice visibly changes, depending upon your decisions, that’s a really neat thing.

The music while battling was fantastic and may just be one of the best tracks in a shooter I’ve heard. It has that epic, action-packed, classic shooter sound to it that just fired you up for a big shoot-em’-up brawl! The music in menus was also nice to and gave a great contrast. Sound effects were also sublime and worked terrifically with the game. Everything from gunshots, explosions and roll-overs on buttons had a sound effects and sounded great, as well as creating a wondrous environment for the game.

All in all, MC2 : Burning Skies is a great shooter game with a Mechanical Commando theme. Anyone that enjoyed the Mechanical Commando, or just loves bullet-hell games, will definitely want to play this game! In review, the game was extremely difficult in the beginning and then leveled out later in the game, to where it was much easier, but still had a bit of challenge left in it. The gameplay was incredible and this is definitely one of the best shooters that I’ve played in a long time. Do not give up on the first level. Once you get past those first couple of levels you’ll have no problem proceeding anymore! The artwork was great and reminded me of the second MC. The music was a classic fast-paced shooter genre piece that sounded great and even better when mixed with the sounds of war. In conclusion, MC2 : Burning Skies is the end to your search of a great shooter! Be sure to play MC2 : Burning Skies today on Kongregate!

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