Dude and Zombies is a new action-packed zombie shoot-em’up, where your character has been stuck in the middle of the woods! Unfortunately, you’re now attracting zombies and they’ll converge on your point. Try to defend your truck during the onslaught of  zombies and between waves try to repair and gather your car parts to eventually speed out of the wood, escaping the ever-growing wrath of zombies! During gameplay you can buy new equipment and skills to help you combat the zombies. If you enjoyed the game Balloon in Wasteland, then this game, Dude and Zombies, will be your new favorite game.

Dude and Zombies

Dude and Zombies is actually one of the most challenging shooters I’ve played in a long time! I believe I had to reattempt nearly 10 times! New and more zombies appeared each wave as you inched towards fixing your car and unlike the smash-hit game, Balloon in Wasteland (which could easily be completed in less than 10 days if you knew what you were doing), this game left you constantly upgrading your weaponry and skills just to survive. If you don’t know what you’re doing in this game you’ll definitely be overrun by zombies. I may post a walkthrough for this game soon! Once you entered later waves bigger zombies would appear and could deal more damage to your car. Once you got enough upgrades – the minigun (which’ll kill anything in mere seconds) and most of the skills – you’ll be unstoppable!

The gameplay was really good. The game itself, in a whole, actually reminded me strongly of Balloon in Wasteland. I actually like Dude and Zombies slightly more, because of the sheer difficulty. This game provided what a lot of games are missing and still made the game very fun, enjoyable and addictive. What I thought separated Dude and Zombies from Balloon In Wasteland (practically the only other game in the genre) is that Dude and Zombies was challenging. I thought that the skills were a great addition to the game and the weapon variety was fantastic. Collecting the car parts was also strategic in that you could only (safely and reasonably) collect the pieces in between waves.

Dude and Zombies

The game had fantastic artwork. I loved the box-shape of the characters. There were no curves in this game and I thought that that made the game look exceptional and very simple. I’d consider it pixel-art, even though pixel art can contain curves, this game’s art is probably made up of 2X2 pixel blocks and looks great. Anyway, very retro looking is probably the best way of putting it. I also loved the colors used in the game and the nighttime theme which gave off a great spooky atmosphere. Character design looked amazing and guns, while they didn’t exactly look like the actually guns, were great and unique looking. My only complaint is the obvious duplication of the trees. I wouldn’t have minded maybe one or two different types of trees in the background.

The sound effects were incredible! In the background you heard the sound of crickets chirping and other sounds that you’d expect to hear in such an area. Gunshots sounded great and worked well with the different types of guns and the zombies sound great too as they smashed their heads into the sides of your car. There were, overall, a ton of environmental sound effects and the choice to focus on sound effects, instead of music, worked out really well for the game.

All in all, Dude and Zombies is one of the best shooter games that I’ve played in a long time. If you enjoyed Balloon in Wasteland then you’ll love Dude and Zombies. In review, the game was very challenging and you have to know what you’re doing and know where to invest those points to survive! The gameplay was unique to Balloon in Wasteland and held an addictive atmosphere. Different guns and skills were fun to buy and kept the game fresh. The artwork was incredible and I loved the retro feel that the artist gave to the game. The sound effects were also great and have a great environmental feel that made you feel as though you were there. Overall, a fantastic shooter, defense game that I can see no flaws in! Be sure to play Dude and Zombies today on Kongregate!

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