Secretnet is a new text adventure game, with a twist – you are an investigative reporter trying to dig up dirt on a group of hackers, hit-men, forgers and more in a shady Libertynet IRC channel. The story follows the investigative reporter as he attempts to get as much information as possible off the users in the channel, but watch out, one slip-up could land you banned from the channel and you won’t be able to continue investigating! There are multiple endings, leading to deaths and bannings, so try to get all of the different possible endings! This game was made for the Mini Ludum Dare #27, in which a developer has to make a game in under 48 hours. This is a very impressive game for under 48 hours and the developer says that he may make a sequel.


Secretnet is obviously not a game that is focus on difficulty, but instead is more focus on providing a unique gameplay and atmosphere to the player. While the game wasn’t too difficulty, it did take me a while to achieve a 100% rating, a rating, which if you know what you’re doing, can be achieved in less than a minute, because I just had to check out all of the different endings, most of which lead to me being banned. Overall, a very easy game, but one that wasn’t exactly focused on difficulty in the first place. I’d love to see the difficulty expanded upon if there is a sequel.

The gameplay was really neat and I loved the atmosphere that the game created. The storyline itself was fantastic and I loved that you had to investigate into this shady and mysterious channel. The dialog was realistic and the characters had different personalities. Achieving all the different endings was also rewarding and interesting. My only complaint was that the storyline didn’t expand too far. I noticed a lot of the comments spoke of how the story didn’t branch out. Luckily, the developer announced that if there is a sequel that the storyline will definitely be expanded upon. I also loved the ability to skip through text by holding down the mouse, this was really nice if you’re trying to get different endings and don’t want to go through all of the text again. What is miraculous to me is that, while this game doesn’t have a long storyline and gameplay, it was made in under 48 hours. You have to respect and admire that!


While this game is not art-based, it has a very nice interface and menus for the player. I absolutely love the dark background and the contrast between that and the content. The dark background is very effective in giving off that dark and shady feeling that the developer was really aiming for. The different colors for all of the different users was also a nice touch and gave quick recognition to who was who when reading. Overall, a very nice, clean, and simple interface for the user that kept you focused on the content.

What I noticed when I first started playing this game was that there was no music, and I found this exceptionally interesting, because the developer instead focuses on the sounds. This creates the perfect atmosphere for such game and adds a bit of realism. Still, maybe sacrificing some of that realism for a bit of an ambient track wouldn’t be too bad (I’m not too sure on the Ludum Dare rules on this, so it is a possibility that music could not be added because the developer wasn’t experienced enough with a music program and left out the music because everything for the game had to be made from scratch). Overall, the sound effects sounded great and I loved the typing one.

All in all, Secretnet is one of my favorite text adventure games and the storyline, dialog and atmosphere is great. Any fan of text adventures will definitely love this game. In review, the difficulty wasn’t really there. I would love added difficulty if there was to be a sequel with an expanded storyline and gameplay. The game was fun to play and there was a great atmosphere. The text sounded natural and real, which is a big plus to me. The interfaces looked great and were very clean and simple, keeping your eyes focused on the content and text. There was no music, and it’s really a toss up for me, whether or not music would work well with this game, but the sound effects worked great and sounded real. In conclusion, Secretnet is a wonderfully dark and shady text adventure, containing a storyline that’ll suck you in! A sequel is a definite must and i would love to see where this game goes! Be sure to play Secretnet today on Kongregate!

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