This week there was a ton of great games! Probably my favorite game of the week was a chess-like game called Check Flag, which let you control chess-like pieces, with unique movement schemes, on a quest to take the enemy’s flag. Think of it as a combination between capture the flag and chess! Another great game was Impasse, a challenging and minimalistic puzzler that is a sure-fire way to get your brain going. Coaster Racers 2 just came out this week, the sequel to Coaster Racers, which introduced a new 3D feel to racing games in the flash realm. Another game, that just came out today, which I’ll talk a bit more about soon, called Stealing the Diamond, has to be one of the funniest “decision-genre” games that I’ve ever played, that makes fun of MineCraft, Falco, various memes, and many more as your stick figure tries to snatch The Tunisian Diamond! Last but not least, I Wanna Win! is an exciting mini-game puzzler!

Check Flag Created by: JoshuaJewell

“Check Flag is a new and original chess-like game that delivers a unique, strategy-oriented, exciting board game experience. In Check Flag, much like the game chess, your goal is to reach a certain marker on the board, but instead of a king, you are instead after the enemy’s flag. Snatch the enemy’s flag and you’ll win the duel! Each new levels you’ll gain access to a new type of unit. Each unit has a different movement scheme, similar to the game of chess. In Check Flag, there are a total of 48 levels, 3 copies of the original 16 levels in different difficulties. Check Flag is a whole new board game experience!” – Continue reading our review of Check Flag!

Impasse Created by: wanderlands

Impasse is a new and very challenging puzzler, that’ll definitely get you thinking! Your goal in every level is to get to the green checkmark on the other side of the map. But, it’s much easier said then done and the map is often filled with multiple obstacles! Everything time you move, the other circles, which if you bump into them will make your restart, will move in an opposite or equal vertical fashion. This is definitely one of the harder puzzlers around and completing all of the levels will definitely be a challenge. If you’re looking for a great puzzler, check out Impasse today!

Coaster Racer 2 Created by: LongAnimals

I remember playing the original Coaster Racer some months back and I was astonished by the wonderful graphics and 3D feel that the game had. Until then, I hadn’t seen a single good 3D racer in Flash. Well, now the amazing racer is back and brings a couple of new features to the table. Go on another high-flying racing adventure as you ride in either a bike or car, with a new nitro feature and challenge races. Coaster Racer 2 is a great expansion to the original Coaster Racer. If you love fast-paced racers, with a bit of danger, then this in the game for you!

Stealing the Diamond Created by: PuffballsUnited

Stealing the Diamond is one of those games, where the gameplay is okay, but it’s hilarious – and therefore deserves an automatic rating of 10/10. Stealing the Diamond is one of the funniest games I’ve played in a long time, if not the funniest as it pokes fun at various memes, and some of the things in the game are pretty comical as well. Your stickman’s goal is to steal the grand Tunisian Diamond which is appearing in a local exhibit. Break into the museum and escape with the diamond. There are three possible endings to the game and many different paths that lead to death. This is a fun and quick, comical, game.

I Wanna Win! Created by: mofunzone

“I Wanna Win! is a new and exciting, mini-game, puzzler that’ll bring you across 25 different levels, all with different mini-games, on a quest to collect all 25 trophies! During each mini-game, you’ll have the chance to earn up to a three star rating. How to earn the stars is posted on the level select menu, and of course, earning a different amount of stars differs from one mini-game to another. I Wanna Win! is a great, and short, game to play that is also quite relaxing. The game isn’t too difficult and is a fun game to play if you have a good 10-20 minutes to spare.” – Continue reading our review of I Wanna Win!