I Wanna Win! is a new and exciting, mini-game, puzzler that’ll bring you across 25 different levels, all with different mini-games, on a quest to collect all 25 trophies! During each mini-game, you’ll have the chance to earn up to a three star rating. How to earn the stars is posted on the level select menu, and of course, earning a different amount of stars differs from one mini-game to another. I Wanna Win! is a great, and short, game to play that is also quite relaxing. The game isn’t too difficult and is a fun game to play if you have a good 10-20 minutes to spare.

I Wanna Win

I Wanna Win! is definitely a very easy game. While it boasts itself as a puzzler, it really begins to intertwine with the relaxing, laid-back and easy atmosphere of mini-game. While completing the game is rather easy and can definitely be done in less than 10 minutes, fully completing this game, such as earning all of the stars, can take much longer! My only concern with the star system is that sometimes it can be slightly luck-based, such as the chess game, mini-game. Still, I Wanna Win! is a fun and unique puzzler, but it doesn’t provide too much difficulty and while the game might not be as difficult, it certainly is relaxing and enjoyable.

I really liked the gameplay. You’re always doing something different and I really enjoyed that aspect of this game. This game actually credits Clickplay for the “great representation of multiple puzzles in one game,” so a little bit of the ideas was taken from that game, but overall, I Wanna Win! is very unique and has a couple of puzzles that I’ve never seen before. All of the game were very fun to play and provided a unique experience compared to all of the other games. The star system was a fun objective to aim for and collecting all of the stars, all 75, was no easy task!

I Wanna Win

The artwork looked really good to me! The background had a nice sunburst effect and really made the content stand out. All of the sprites looked good, such as the cannons, chess pieces, safes, et cetera, but I feel that the artwork could be improved a bit. Some of the objects looked flat, such as the cannon and just overall, the artwork could have been improved. I like the style as of now, but maybe going for a bit more realistic effects would give a better look to the game. The trophy looked really professional though and had a nice shine effect / animation to it.

The music worked wonderfully with this game. The piece sounded like it was pulled right from a carnival of sorts and it played quite energetically. The piece was fast-paced and in my opinion represented the game well as you were constantly changing games. I believe there were a total of two sound tracks, or more playing, through the entirety of the game. That stopped a repetitive flow of music and keep the sound interesting and entertaining as it backed up the game. Sound effects were also included in the game and there were a lot of them. With so many mini-games, there had to be a lot of sound effects. All of them sound great and worked well with the game.

All in all, I Wanna Win! is a great mini-game puzzler to play if you have 10-15 minutes to spare! It’s a quick and fun game to play with a ton of mini-games! If you enjoy games such as Clickplay, then you’ll definitely love I Wanna Win!. In review, the game wasn’t too difficulty and I enjoyed playing the game because of its laid-back atmosphere. The gameplay was original and some of the mini-games, I’ve never seen before. The artwork was really good, but I felt that it could be improved a bit. Still, overall, excellent artwork, but my favorite piece was the trophy that had a great glimmer effect. The two pieces of music, by Kevin McLeod, sounded great and worked perfectly with this fast-paced game. Sound effects were spot-on and worked well with the game. In conclusion, I Wanna Win! is a great mini-game filled game! Be sure to play I Wanna Win! today on Kongregate!

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