Check Flag is a new and original chess-like game that delivers a unique, strategy-oriented, exciting board game experience. In Check Flag, much like the game chess, your goal is to reach a certain marker on the board, but instead of a king, you are instead after the enemy’s flag. Snatch the enemy’s flag and you’ll win the duel! Each new levels you’ll gain access to a new type of unit. Each unit has a different movement scheme, similar to the game of chess. In Check Flag, there are a total of 48 levels, 3 copies of the original 16 levels in different difficulties. Check Flag is a whole new board game experience!

Check Flag

While Check Flag boasts three different difficulty modes I don’t know if the A.I was all there. Sometimes, with my units completely defenseless and out-in-the-open the enemy doesn’t take the advantage to attack that unit, but instead may make a move that doesn’t affect the game very much at all. Although, once you reach hard difficulty, which is accessible from the very beginning of the game (a big plus for an board game enthusiast) you start to notice a much better trend in the enemies and they appear to be much more realistic and challenging on you. Medium mode should be avoided, unless you aren’t used to the game yet after what seemed like a 16 level long tutorial in the easy mode section.

Most board games that I play aren’t really exciting, either it’s such a cliche concept, used over and over, or the game is unique, but just isn’t very fun. That’s why, when I first saw the preview image of this game I passed it up. Today I played it and I really enjoyed it – just proves you can’t judge a game by it’s preview image. The gameplay was fun and different, yet held a concept that I think most of us understand. In a way, you already know the rules of the game, if you’ve played chess before, and it should be easier for you to jump right into this game. The nearly, what seemed like, 16 level long tutorial when you first play is very informative and even if you haven’t pay chess before, or know the rules, by the time you finish with easy mode you’ll have a pretty good handle on, and be able to enjoy, the game.

Check Flag

The artwork was very simplistic, which kind of reminds me of the original Castle Wars. Both of the games are great, but seemed to lack artistic talent (although, in Castle Wars 2 that all changed, with vivid and amazing graphics). I’d say that the artwork could use a bit of refining to add a bit more life to the game – maybe even animated characters! For now the graphics work, and in there own way, keep the game simple and looking great, but more professional art wouldn’t hurt. The background in the game could have used a bit of work, as of right now it looks a bit childish.

Now that I take a closer look at the game I realize that there are literally only two sound effects, scratch that, sounds, since there is no music, in the entire game. The music department of this game is its only downfall. I would have loved to hear some calming music playing in the background of the game. Music is always a great asset to a game and excluding it is a bit of a minus to me. Of course, you can play your own music, like me, but I would have loved to see some music in-game. The two sound effects (maybe three?) sounded okay. They were kind of classic “you did something” sound or “you interacted with the menu” sound, but still worked well.

All in all, Check Flag is now one of my favorite board games. I would love to see this game expanded into the multiplayer realm if there is a sequel – I hope there is! Any board game, or chess fan will definitely enjoy this game as it adds a bit from chess into an exciting board game. In review, the difficulty was really good. If you’re looking for a real challenge dismiss easy and medium and go straight to hard mode once you understand the concept of the game. The game seemed pretty unique and I actually really enjoyed myself. Most board games, I don’t enjoy, but to find one that I do is quite rare. The art was minimalistic and I would definitely love to see the art improved if there is a sequel. The only thing that disappointed me about this game is that there was no music! I would love to hear some sort of relaxing piece in the background while playing! In conclusion, Check Flag is one of the best board games I’ve played on the computer, so if you’re looking for a great board game you’re quest stops here! Be sure to play Check Flag today on Kongregate!

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