This week was full of many great games. My favorite game of the week was a new action-defense game, called Top Defense. In Top Defense your goal was to protect your planet from a group of surrounding tribes and worlds from taking control of your planet. Another great game this week was Solarmax, another planetary game, where you must wipe out all of the enemy life on a planet. Solarmax, plays much like the popular game Nano War, but instead of taking cells, you must take planets into your control and form a strategic plan to destroy all enemy life. Speaking of Nano War, Nano War 2, just came out on the 28, almost hitting 4.0 on Kong. A game that I actually reviewed this week, Villainous, an “anti-TD” game, where you summon the monsters, snatched the second highest rated game slot on Kongregate. Xonix 3D is another impressive game to be released this week, being a tribute to XonixAir and the original Xonix. Anyway, let’s get started!

Top Defense Created by gamingcar

Top Defense is a new and exciting action defense game where you play as the last human remaining on the planet after the population is wiped out. Neighboring planets are now trying to seize control of your planet. Don’t let that happen. Control the missile silo and defend your planet using missiles, bombs, and various other weaponry. As you progress through the game and begin to fight off larger hordes of enemies, you’ll unlock new weapons. During battle you must gain energy and upgrade your weapons. Protect your base and fight off multiple streams of enemies!

Solarmax Created by nicotuason

Solarmax is a close competitor of Top Defense for me, as their both amazing and really addictive games. You’ll be able to dive right into Solarmax if you’ve ever played Nano War before, or a game similar as the gameplay can be a bit confusing, luckily there is an in-game tutorial. Your goal is to take control of all of the planets on the screen. You and your enemy will usually start with one, or more planets in your control and through strategic manuvers you must snatch other unoccupied, or occupied planets from the enemy. Once you control all of the planets you’ll win and you’ll move on to the next level. There is a total of 18 levels. Music and art, as well as gameplay, was very impressive and well executed.

Villainous Created by Rete

“Villainous is a new and exciting tower defense game, with a twist! This time around, you play the villian and you must pillage villages and siege them with your goblins, golems, healers and more! Villaianous places you in control of the attack and allows you to summon different units onto the battlefield! Along the path to the village you’ll encounter various towers and enemies that’ll try to halt your army with arrows and explosives! Strategically place your units to avoid deaths! If you get enough raiders into the town you’ll destroy the village and the land will be yours! Take over all of the land, which comes up to 20 exciting and challenging levels, and rule the world!” – Continue reading our review of Villainous!

Nano War 2 Created by badben

Nano War is back and better than ever. New graphics and better gameplay, keeping everything you loved about the original Nano War and bringing new things to the table, this game will bring you back to 2007. This time around there are three new cells types, all of which will aid you in different way on the battlefield. Also accompanying this game is the long-awaited multiplayer and you can go head to head to head with three different players. Campaign mode is filled with 25 challenging levels. Amazing gameplay, fresh graphics and competitive multiplayer will make you stick around for a while! Be sure to play Nano War 2 if you haven’t already!

Xonix 3D Created by myplayyard

“Xonix 3D is a new, and exciting action game where your goal is to create blocks on the screen and cover up as much as the screen as possible while dodging and eluding enemies left and right. During the game, you can snatch power-ups and lives to aid you on your journey. Xonix 3D is actually a 3D version of AirXonix, which I’m not familiar with, but I am quite familiar with the gameplay style which has been featured in a couple of other games before that I’ve played. Xonix 3D will challenge you to complete a total of 10 levels (I believe) while you try to rack up as much points as possible, in the least amount of time possible. Once you die or beat the game you can submit your high-score and see how you rank against other players! I’m in the top 25 all-time!” – Continue reading our review of Xonix 3D!

Well, that sums it up for the best games of the week. Hopefully I’ve introduced a couple of new games to keep your weekend fun!