Villainous is a new and exciting tower defense game, with a twist! This time around, you play the villian and you must pillage villages and siege them with your goblins, golems, healers and more! Villaianous places you in control of the attack and allows you to summon different units onto the battlefield! Along the path to the village you’ll encounter various towers and enemies that’ll try to halt your army with arrows and explosives!┬áStrategically┬áplace your units to avoid deaths! If you get enough raiders into the town you’ll destroy the village and the land will be yours! Take over all of the land, which comes up to 20 exciting and challenging levels, and rule the world!


Villainous is actually a very challenging game! Once you get to around level 10 or so, you’ll start to notice the towers on the screen start to pile up and, overall, the game is much more challenging from when it first started. There were actually a lot of towers working against you, such as the Rapid Tower, another that caused earthquakes, a third that caused damage over and area and more. In your arsenal you also had a stun spell, which quickly became your best friend, stunning and stopping the fire a turret for the round. The trick to Villainous is to have your units in a good order so that their team buffs work a full potential. I’ve heard that this combination works quite well: (front to end) two goblins, shield golem, healer, four goblins, shield golem, healer, and two goblins.

I’ve seen a couple of these tower defense games where you play as the villain and must summon the monsters, but never have I seen the genre executed in such a fashion. The gameplay was phenomenal and very unique compared to the other couple of games in the genre. I loved the summoning and the strategy and thought you had to put into it to work out a perfect team and mixture of units. The battles were fun and spells were a nice addition to the game giving you a little bit of extra power and backing you up. Levels were challenging and fun to play. Gameplay was fast and exciting and kept the game moving at a good pace. The skill-leveling was actually done in a very nice fashion. I loved that the castle expanded as you bought new upgrades for your units and yourself.


The artwork was amazing and the color choice made the objects on the screen not only fit in with the rest of their surroundings, but also allowed them to pop out and become visible. The pathway looked really good, but was obviously tiled. I don’t know if the rest of the ground is tiled, but if so they did a fantastic job. I would have loved to see a bit of variation in the cobblestone. Animation was obviously well done and looked great and very smooth and fluid. Trees looked great as well, but I would have liked to see more than two trees, but still it looked wonderful. My only complaint about the artwork are the mountains. Usually the base and second level of the mountains looked sublime, but the third level was extremely blurry and pixelated.

The music matched the game excellently. It seemed very adventurous and medieval-like. It sounded very classically, which I’m a big fan of. The piece also have a very good rhythm to it and wast pretty fast-paced. I thought that the piece worked extremely well with the game and created an overall better atmosphere. Like all great tower defense games, Villainous featured a great variety of sound effects that lit up the game and created a more realistic atmosphere for the game. Sound effects such as the towers firing, explosions, hitting buttons and collecting items, et cetera, were all featured in this great game.

All in all, Villainous is by far the best game in its genre! Anyone that is tired of the boring old TD, but is still a TD enthusiast, will definitely love this game as it keeps the same concepts of a TD, but turns the tables and lets you be the villain! In review, the difficulty was grand and once you reach around level 10 you’ll definite start to feel the pressure pile up. Anyone that’s looking for a good challenge must play Villainous! The gameplay was very unique and has been rarely attempted before. I loved the summoning system and the upgrade system. The artwork is sublime, but at some parts the art is really blurry and pixelated. The artist could have definitely refined the art a bit and cleaned it up. Finally, the music was perfect and fit the game quite well. Sound effects also sounded great and really created a great atmosphere for the game! In conclusion, Villainous is one of the best “anti-TDs” I’ve ever seen. Be sure to play it today on Kongregate!

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