Xonix 3D is a new, and exciting action game where your goal is to create blocks on the screen and cover up as much as the screen as possible while dodging and eluding enemies left and right. During the game, you can snatch power-ups and lives to aid you on your journey. Xonix 3D is actually a 3D version of AirXonix, which I’m not familiar with, but I am quite familiar with the gameplay style which has been featured in a couple of other games before that I’ve played. Xonix 3D will challenge you to complete a total of 10 levels (I believe) while you try to rack up as much points as possible, in the least amount of time possible. Once you die or beat the game you can submit your high-score and see how you rank against other players! I’m in the top 25 all-time!

Xonix 3D

Xonix 3D is a pretty easy game overall if you know what you’re doing! This game was actually pretty relaxing, yet action-packed and enjoyable, all at the same time. There is a definite learning curve and for my first couple of runs the game was confusing, but once you get used to it and controls, how enemies can hurt you, et cetera, the game is much less challenging and instead becomes more fun and exciting to play. The enemies definitely made the game much harder and I loved that they didn’t move randomly and had a pretty pre-determined route overall. This allowed you to make a move and shoot across the screen dodging the enemy. Power-ups and lives keep you alive, but sometimes it also made the game much too easy as I finished with the comfortable amount of lives left. Overall, a very easy game, but definitely a bit of a learning curve to it.

If you’ve never played AirXonix then this game could be a bit confusing. Probably a more popular game, in the Flash world, at least that I’ve heard of, is ColorFill. Colorfill is much like Xonix 3D. Your goal in the game is to dash across the screen, with a line tracing all of your steps and you must converge with another land mass to complete the line. Once you do, depending if there are enemies you’ll either create a very thin line, or you’ll fill the entire encircled piece. The game does sound very confusing, but once you do play it, it’ll become very simple, so the expression easier said than done is quite the opposite in this case. Negative power-ups were very interesting as there distorted the screen. The gameplay is very much like AirXonix, telling from the screenshot, so I can’t say that this game is too original as it adapts the art as well, but a very good remake of the game.

Xonix 3D

From what I can tell, while this game is entirely based off of AirXonix, Xonix 3D did include all original artwork. My favororite aspect of the game was the 3D view. I really liked the 3D view and you could see noticeable differences as you moved away and to an object, such as a wall. It made a unique atmosphere in comparison to its counterpart, AirXonix. The artwork was really interesting and I liked the color choices and the walls. The walls actually looked kind of like blue wood. Another effect that I thought was neat was that lines were created where you flew over. If you notice above, parts of the walls have a lighter shade of blue, where I flew the machine over. Animation, especially in the main character, wa s extremely smooth and the 3D perspective made it very interesting.

I really enjoyed the music. The music fit the theme and atmopshere of the game perfectly and it played fast-paced. It was kind of techno if I think about it and I really enjoyed listening to it. I loved the fast-paced beats of it, they made the game seem even more action-packed and exciting. The music did slow down a bit and it sounded epic and dramatic. Sound effects were a big part of this game and they created a very atmospheric mood for the game as they sounded for everything necessary. Sound effects were called for when the enemies crashed into walls and when they knocked into each other, among other things, this game throughly utilized sound effects in a very professional manner.

All in all, Xonix 3D is a fantastic remake on Xonix! If you’ve played Xonix before and enjoyed it then you’ll definitely love Xonix 3D as it tosses the game into the realm of 3D and introduces fun, new gameplay. In review, the game isn’t too difficult once you get the idea of the game down and once you practice a bit. There’s a pretty easy learning curve attached to the game, but once you learn how to play the game, there is still a little bit of challenge left and overall, the game is pretty easy. Gameplay was very similar to the original Xonix, but it’s a remake so no hard feelings towards the game. I would have loved to see more levels, instead of ten, maybe 20 or 30? The artwork was very interesting I loved the 3D take on the game. Textures were well used and animation was very smooth. Finally, the music was very well fitting to the game, being fast-paced. Sound effects worked perfectly and created a nice atmosphere for the game. In conclusion, Xonix 3D is a great game and if you enjoyed AirXonix, or Xonix, you’ll love Xonix 3D! Be sure to play it today on Newgrounds!

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