This week was full of a bunch of great games! Probably my favorite game for this entire week is Ultimate Assassin 3, where you must assassinate targets while eluding the target’s bodyguards! Ultimate Assassin has been one of my favorite series for a while, so it definitely took the cake for me this week. Another game that caught my eye was Where am I?, which was made for in 48 hours or less for the 19 Ludum Dare competition. In Where am I? you played as a square trying to find his way out of the maze. While it doesn’t sound very exciting, the way the developer pulled off the game, and making the walls invisible unless you crashed into them created a very unique and exciting atmosphere, making this game one of the best maze games I’ve ever played. Days of Monsters and Skinny were also in my top five for this week. Finally, making it into the fifth slot for me was Cardboard Box Assembler. Let’s get started!

Ultimate Assassin 3 Created by: mastermax

“Ultimate Assassin is now back and better than ever! Your goal is to kill the boss in each level and escape the facility through a portal before the bodyguards catch sight of you! This heart-pounding, action, assassin-themed game will put you in the assassin’s shoes as he is sent in the past to kill “certain targets” – reminds me of Terminator! Each of the 90 levels (yes NINETY) will put you in a different room filled with guards, places to hid and good assassination spots. If you’ve played the original, or the second Ultimate Assassin then you’ll relish the third as it carries over many of the same aspects and introduces nearly 100 new levels!” – Continue reading our review of Ultimate Assassin 3!

Where am I? Created by: Bennuk

Where am I? converges a memory game with a maze game to give a breath of fresh air to the maze genre. Each level presents your character on the screen and the area around the character is completely black. Bumping into obstacles and walls will allow you to see them. Your goal is to make your way through the maze and exit the screen. This is harder than it sounds though and you must remember where all of the obstacles are! While this game is very fun and challenging, it is a bit short and there seems to be only around five or so levels. Overall, a very fun maze game that provides a unique experience like no other.

Skinny Created by: wittyhobos

Skinny is a new game by Witthobs, developer of the very atmospheric game, Coma. Skinny is an exciting, yet chilling tale of a robot that finds himself in middle of a sort of mystery of attacked robots. This game has much the same atmosphere of Coma and the same mystery aurora! Take control of your robot, which other bots will call you along the way “Skinny” and grapple, jump and sling your way through this platform puzzler that’ll constantly surprise you. My only complain is that the game is completely WASD and no arrow key option is present. Pictures speak a thousand words, so check out the trailer below:

Days of Monsters Created by: MostroGames

Days of Monsters follows the storyline of kid who has been bullied his entire life. But all of that is about to change and the world will finally obey his command once you destroys all of the world’s cities with his monsters! Take control of his monster lab and upgrade your monster to attack and destroy the cities! Through the rumbling in the city, you must also destroy the military there to ensure total destruction! As you upgrade your monster you’ll go on to destroy bigger and bigger cities until the world is under your control!

Cardboard Box Assembler Created by: AdultSwimGames

“Cardboard Box Assembler is a new and unique platformer puzzler game where you play as Melven and help him through his mental breakdown! This fun platformer will bring you through 28 exciting and mind-bending levels as you guide Melvin through the 3D box-like levels searching for keys and jumping through portals and more. Here the official game description: “Wrap your brain around the six sides of a cube in this disorienting puzzle game as you guide Melvin through his own mental breakdown. In a twisty 3D world where gravity is relative, Melvin must collect keys and gems to unlock increasingly confusing levels as he journeys into the darkest parts of his mind. For you that means more than 30 levels of sanity-bending platforming puzzles, and the satisfaction of helping the poor guy find himself.” You can find the walkthrough, exclusively, on AdultSwim.” – Continue reading our article on Cardboard Box Assembler!