Ultimate Assassin is now back and better than ever! Your goal is to kill the boss in each level and escape the facility through a portal before the bodyguards catch sight of you! This heart-pounding, action, assassin-themed game will put you in the assassin’s shoes as he is sent in the past to kill “certain targets” – reminds me of Terminator! Each of the 90 levels (yes NINETY) will put you in a different room filled with guards, places to hid and good assassination spots. If you’ve played the original, or the second Ultimate Assassin then you’ll relish the third as it carries over many of the same aspects and introduces nearly 100 new levels!

Ultimate Assassin 3

Ultimate Assassin 3 can actually be a really challenging game, especially later on, in the harder modes of the game, such as Hard Mode and Professional Mode. Easy Mode is also included in the game of course, and gives you a good understanding of how to play the game and creates a wonderful difficulty ramp leading up to normal and hard mode. The trick to staying alive and this game and getting your prey is to not take to many chances. If you want to get the guy, wait until the coast is clear and make a beeline to your target, take cover if another enemy is coming. I know that being patient is tough, but if you do, that impossibly challenging levels will become exceptionally easy. Overall, the game was really challenging and, especially, the later levels were extremely hard to beat!

I’ve always have admired the gameplay. No other game that I’ve played in Flash actually allows you to play as an assassin and let’s you sneak around maps and kill targets. The game is unmatched and really gives off a breath of fresh air and creates a wonderful atmosphere, that’ll also lead to your heart-pounding and head-racing, for this game. I really liked the concept of the game overall, and having to dodge enemies and their line of sight made the game all the more exciting and scary at the same time. A lot of people in the second Ultimate Assassin wanted the bodyguard to be killable, but I love how they aren’t and how you have to evade them. It really keeps the gameplay fun and difficult.

Ultimate Assassin 3

The artwork in all of Ultimate Assassin games have been great. Graphics look a little generic and could be improved, but for now they work for the game and create a wonderful scene for it. Surprisingly, the artwork wasn’t tile-based, but instead it was very organic and the boxes almost never matched in dimensions, at least not placed to one another which gave way to some great hiding spots. Also included in the game were a lot of different textures, especially for the concrete. Character design was very minimal, but worked and the line of sight looked great and had a neat overlapping effect.

The background music for this game was odd. It is actually featured in the second Ultimate Assassin if I remember correctly and I’m not so sure about the first. While this game is based in a very isolated, seemingly sound-proof to the outside world, and the room is quite empty, you still hear a track that sounds like hundreds of people talking and cars, apparently, honking their horns. It was a very weird and risky piece to use in a game like this, but to some degree it payed off. It create an odd, yet atmospheric mood for this game which is exactly what this game needed. The music, though, did change once the bodyguards found you, into a more fast-paced theme that pretty much translated to “They found you! Run!” and worked great with the game.

All in all, Ultimate Assassin 3 is one of the best assassin games that I’ve ever played and if you enjoyed the first and second Ultimate Assassin then this game is for you! Ultimate Assassin 3 introduces nearly 100 new levels. In review, this game eventually became really difficult and the difficulty ramp sloped perfectly. There were four different games modes that spanned across 90 different levels. The game concept was fantastic and the developer pulled it off fantastically. The art was sublime and worked well with the rest of the game and the animation also looked very good. Music was an odd choice, but payed off to an extent and the sound effects were a nice addition to the game! In conclusion, if you’re looking for a good assassin game, or if you’re just looking for an action-packed, heart-pounding, game to play for many hours than this is the game for you. Be sure to play Ultimate Assassin 3 on Kongregate today!

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