Cardboard Box Assembler is a new and unique platformer puzzler game where you play as Melven and help him through his mental breakdown! This fun platformer will bring you through 28 exciting and mind-bending levels as you guide Melvin through the 3D box-like levels searching for keys and jumping through portals and more. Here the official game description: “Wrap your brain around the six sides of a cube in this disorienting puzzle game as you guide Melvin through his own mental breakdown. In a twisty 3D world where gravity is relative, Melvin must collect keys and gems to unlock increasingly confusing levels as he journeys into the darkest parts of his mind. For you that means more than 30 levels of sanity-bending platforming puzzles, and the satisfaction of helping the poor guy find himself.” You can find the walkthrough, exclusively, on AdultSwim.

Cardboard Box Assembler

View the Official Walkthrough on AdultSwim!