HeroInteractive brings you a new bow-shooting game, inspired by Bowmaster: Prelude, but wait, this isn’t just your everyday bow-slinging day, this time around fire spells and summon monsters to stop and evil and corrupt wizard! Fight off waves of monsters, called Elementals, and try to withstand the enemy attacks, or destroy the enemy castle to claim victory in every battle. Also watch out for what elements you’re summoning and firing. Every elemental on the screen has a weakness and advantages to different elements and if you want to dish out as much damage as possible, you’ll want to keep and eye on what you’re firing and summoning.


Conure was actually a really difficult game. Of course there were three different modes that you could choose from in the game, easy, medium and hard, but realistically, it seemed more like: medium, hard, insane. If you just want to play a fun game, that still presents a lot of challenge you’ll want to go with easy mode as it gives you some prediction lines of where your spells will land and makes the game a bit easier. What made the game so difficult in my mind was that while you had one or two elementals on the playing field, your enemy on the other hand already had 10-15 elementals – most of which could fire at your elementals from a distance. This is a great game for someone that wants to be challenged.

Conjure actually had a very neat theme and while the storyline was a bit cliche’ it worked and made you strive towards a goal. The gameplay was fun, as I’ve always have been a fan of the Bowmaster series. The game stayed true to a lot of aspects of Bowmaster: Prelude, but also broke away with a fun and unique upgrade and elemental system. What I would have loved to see even out the game though is the rate that you can summon new units. It took a good ten seconds until you could summon your second unit and by that time the enemy had already summon six units. It just seemed quite unbalanced between you and the enemy and getting the upperhand was close to impossible. Still, a unique and enjoyable game to play, but I wouldn’t have minded a bit easier gameplay.


The art in Conjure was really impressive. I think that the most impressive art in this game were the backgrounds and sceneries. The artist also did a great job of adding depth to the images, like the one you can see above, where the mountains give depth and passage to the river. The artist also did multiple sceneries for all of different climates that were and locations. Character design was also neat. I loved how the characters transformed after they gain a certain amount of health points. Animations was also nicely done and looked smooth. Overall, the artist made some very unique and grand pieces and sprites for this game.

The music was very ambient and atmospheric. Unlike what many developers would have chosen for their war game, this pieces was actually dark, calming and slow-paced and didn’t show any sign at all of speeding up. I loved that choice because it really created not only a fantastic mood for the game, but allowed the sound effects to be in the spotlight. I liked how the piece restarted when you loaded up a level, as it gave good contrasts and distinction to notify you that something has changed. Moving on, the sound effects were terrific. All needed sounds were there, such as when you fired a spell, summoned a unit, or when there was hits.

All in all, Conjure is a great bow-shooting game! If you loved Bowmaster: Prelude then you’ll love this game as it stays true to many values for Bowmaster and then spices it up with some new and exciting features! In review, the game was pretty difficult, but if you don’t want to be too challenge go with easy mode as the other two are definitely not swell options for beginners to the game. The gameplay was very fun, and while based off of Bowmaster: Prelude the developer, HeroInteractive, introduced new features, such as elements and weaknesses that made the game interesting, enjoyable and unique. Graphics were cartoony and looked great. Units designs and background, as well as all of the other images, looked perfect. The music was a bit quiet and ambient, making a great atmosphere for this game, while allow the wondeful sound effects to stand out. Overall, Conjure is one of the best bow games I’ve played, so if you enjoy the genre, you’ll definitely love Conure! Be sure to play it today on Armor Games!

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