Casus is a challenging platformer puzzler that let’s you take control of a cute little monster. Unfortunately, the inhabitants of the planet, that this little guy finds himself on, have had prophecies that he is to destroy the planet! Yet, the monster doesn’t know that. Guide him through the planet, dodging enemies, bullets and monsters, jump platform to platform and flip the world upside-down and rightside-up to make you way through this dangerous world and follow the beam of light. Collect coins to earn higher scores.


Casus is a pretty challenging game! For the first ten stages or so the game is pretty easy, but once you get to around stage 15 the game really heats up and obstacles are literally everywhere an jumps are much harder to master. Most of the enemies were pretty easy to destroy, but at some points of the game, such as around stage 10, where all of the enemies were lined up, you had to really time your attacks. The whole onslaught of enemies and their attacks made this a very interesting and challenging game. I liked how in later parts of the game the jumps became more difficulty and you have to incorporate your attacks to get that extra push.

The whole game to me was really appealing and the gameplay was like no-other. I loved how the developer combined the difficulty and action of a platformer with a kind of puzzler flip theme that I’ve seen in a couple of other games before. It kind of made you think in two different dimensions as you tried to figure out how to get across a gap or an obstacle. I liked how the game was just one giant level. There were no menus or having to click “next” level, instead the developer incorporated a neat feature of the game just being one level. The developer also kept the game fast by deleting areas that you’ve past upon a checkpoint, which had a really cool look to it!


The artwork in Casus was fantastic! I really loved the gradient look of the platforms and the sharp edges and contrasts. I also enjoyed the dark colors of the platforms. All of the platforms looked great and the sprites look awesome. I loved the retro look and the animation. The background was also interesting and had a nice color to it and the depth was a nice addition. The character animation and the explosions looked great and had a nice color and flow to them. I wish that the coins had a bit of animation to them as well so that they wouldn’t look as static. Overall, the art looked amazing and is definitely some of the best art I’ve seen in Time’s games.

I loved the music in the game. It was really fast-paced and had a great retro tone to it. It also kind of fit the laid-back theme of the game as it was fast-paced and then slowed down in parts. It worked really well with the game. Along with the music were a bunch of sound effects that create an nice atmosphere for the game and made the character feel in that world. Anyway, sounds were really good and I loved the music, which was by Liam Berry, who has done a couple of the pieces in Time’s other games.

All in all, Casus is a fantastic puzzle platformer! Anyone that loves a challenging and intricate platformer will love this game and will definitely love the length and difficulty of it. The difficulty was perfect and the game got pretty challenging around stage 10. I thought that the gameplay was pretty unique I loved that the entire game was just one giant level. The art, like all of Time’s games, looked sublime. The platforms and characters were especially great looking in my mind and I loved the use of gradients. Finally, I loved the music which create a wonderful atmosphere for the game and didn’t get repetitive at all. In conclusion, Casus is a must play if you haven’t already and if you’re looking for a challengign platformer than your search stops here! Be sure to play Casus now on Kongregate!

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