Robot Climb, like the name depicts, is game where you must guide a robot up a mountain! But not just any mountain! This one is filled with dangerous monsters, traps and bombs! Climb, evade obstacles, and go as high as you in this great high-score game! As you climb, set off explosives and blast your way through walls, but be warned, if you’re too slow platforms will start to disappear and you’ll fall to your death! Keep up with this fast-paced platformer to get the highest score on the leader board. My highest score was 6,500!

Robot Climb

This game had a very steep learning curve, but once you master it, this game becomes quite addictive and you’ll definitely love this game. Most of the comments I’ve read on the pages, such as Kongregate and Newgrounds, talk about how the game to too hard and I have to agree to some extent. The game is very challenging to new players and has an intimidating learning curve. Once you get a hang of the game though, after playing the game for 10-20 minutes or so, the game is very fun and I score around 3,000 with each run. Spikes, bombs and enemies also added challenge to the game and each once bumped you back after hitting them.

The idea of the game is pretty unique, considering most climbing games just have you jumping platform to platform (sort of like Doodle Jump), but instead, Robot Climb has you blowing up gravel and fending off enemies. It kind of reminded my of Tower of Greed, another great climbing game. My only problem with the game, besides the learning curve, was that when climbing up a narrow area, half of the time on the ledge that you’d need to jump up onto to continue, was filled with spikes and enemies. Thus, you’ll fall down to the bottom of the screen again and have to restart, or land yourself in a forced-death. I liked the ability to destroy the platforms with the spacebar, but you have to be wary of how you use your explosives or else you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the screen!

Robot Climb

Robot Climb had really good pixel art. I really liked the grudge effect that Time used on the bricks and the rust (or dirt?) effects on the edges of the platforms. Character design was also nice and the animation of the different units was well done and looked really nice. I really liked the look of the robot, it reminded me of an ape. Another feature that I liked was that the background also scrolled, but once you past the moutain you entered still blueness. Luckily, clouds backed up the background and cruised across the screen, but I still would have liked to see stationary clouds that scrolled with the blue sky.

The background music was also a wonderful addition to the game, but got a little repetitive at times. Time, the developer, actually made the music and while it sounded great for a while, it tired. You can mute the music through with the “m” key. The developer also utilized a lot of different sound effects in the game. For everything necessary there was a sound effect. The sound effects actually sounded pretty arcade-ish and retro which worked productively with the graphics which were obviously a bit more on the retro side as well.

All in all, Robot Climb is a great platformer game that challenges you to reach the highest point you can! Any fans of games like Doodle Jump will love this game, but will also find it very challenging. The difficulty ramp for Robot Climb could have been refined a bit and it would be an even better game while still holding the same addictive quality. Please don’t be discouraged by the difficulty at first because this is one of those diamond-in-the-rough kind of games. The overall objective of the game wasn’t too unique, but it was executed very well and because of that I found the game very addictive and enjoyable. The artwork, like in all of Time’s games, was magnificent and paid close attention to detail. The music sounded good, but could wear a bit. A bit more variety in the song would have helped! In conclusion, Robot Climb is a great action platformer, but could have the learning curve worked out a bit! Be sure to play Robot Climb today on Kongregate!

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