In Quietus your goal is quite simple – run a gauntlet through Hell! You’re lying between life and death when you’re met with Death himself. He will grant you life and happiness again if you can run a guantlet through hell and jump, dodge and perform daredevil stunts through all 40 unique and exciting levels. If you love platformers than Quietus is for you! The artwork is phenomenal and the music creates a wondrous atmosphere for this game and it’s theme. Quietus is also now available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad)!


Quietus is actually a very difficult game! I’ve played Quietus many times before, so I can get through the first 20-25 levels with only a couple of deaths, but for those last 15 levels, well, they’ll definitely challenge you! This game will have you evading spikes, lava and other enemies that’ll come crashing down to the ground every couple of seconds. What made this game difficult in my opinion, is that you’re always moving. You’ll find it hard to make time where you won’t be dodging one thing or another. Once you think you’re safe you’ll have spikes thrown at you, or the platform below your feet will disappear!

Quietus has been one of my favorite platformers for a long time. For some reason, this game pulls you in and won’t let you go until you beat the entire game. I loved the storyline of the game. The storyline revolved around a man who had just hung himself below a tree. As the man limbos between life and death he is greeted by Death and is offered riches and all of his desires, including life, if he runs a gauntlet through Hell! Not many platformers have a storyline, but this one did and it really enhanced the gameplay and made you feel as through you were striving towards a goal! Like most paltformers there were the unually suspects, spike balls, disappearing platformers, monsters, lava and more. The developer, Time, did a great job of incorporating all of these aspects to make challenging levels.


The art is Quietus is sublime! I’ve always really enjoyed the retro look of Time’s games. The graphics in Quietus looked really phenomenal and were quite simple at the same time. I loved the color choice for all of different sprites. All of the different monsters were interesting and unique in their own ways and fit right in with the atmosphere of the game. The animation was also well done, such as the chompers chomping and the character moving around. The death animation was also neat as the characters dies and turns into an angel and floats upwards. Color choice on the death animation was also pretty neat and gave off a kind of ghost feeling.

I loved the music choice for Quietus! The music is by Liam Berry (you can snatch a copy of Moonlit Gallows here). One of the first things that came to mind when playing this game, was that the music was awesome! It had that epic, gauntlet through Hell kind of feel to it that perfectly fit with what Quietus needed! The music created a wonderful atmosphere for the game. No sound effects were included in the game and rightfully so – the music stole the spotlight and worked phenomenally.

All in all, Quietus is one of the best platformers that you’ll find! Any platformer fans will love this game as it combines the frantic thinking of IWBTG and the difficulty of Meat Boy. In review, the difficulty was really good, especially the later half of the game where the developer goes all-out to stop you! The monsters, spikes, lava and disappearing platformers keep this game fast paced and frantic as you sprawled from one platform to one. The artwork was amazing. I’ve always enjoyed pixel art and this game showcased magnificent retro graphics. The music, by Liam Berry, sounded wonderful and really created a perfect atmosphere for this game. In conclusion, Quietus is one of the best platformers out there – everything about it is a five out of five for me!

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