Dromad is a fun, little, addictive shoot-em’-up where you must survive as long as you can as new enemies are constantly forming onslaughts against you. As you collect more gold coins, dropped by enemies when they’re killed, you’ll gain new upgrades and weapons to fight off the creeps, but watch out, as you upgrade, they’ll upgrade as well! If you don’t snatch a coin quick enough it’ll fall into a trap and forever lost so be quick on your feet! Hold them off for as long as you can in this fierce last stand between you and the creeps!


I thought that the difficulty and difficulty ramp for this game was perfect. Your goal in the game is to hold off the enemies for as long as you can, scoring the most kills possible! Probably the most difficulty part of this game, is that you can’t move, or should I saw aim, vertical. Your character is only allowed to fire horizontally. I wasn’t too fond of the decision at first, the game was difficult and killing the creeps coming from underneath you was difficulty, but I eventually liked the idea. It made you rethink how to take on the enemies and made you switch up the style that you’d normally use if there were an option for vertical shooting. Enemies weren’t too bad the entire game (I got up to around 200 kills) but once more and more enemies start converging on your point you better have played for every coin or else you’ll be overrun!

Dromad is has to be one of my favorite arcade games. I actually remember playing it from much early this year, back in February. Dromad has a very addictive quality to it – it was the perfect mini-game and a great game to play with a short break. Like I mentioned, I really liked the no-shooting vertical aspect of the game. It made you change up your thought-process on how you were going to beat the enemies. I liked the upgrade system, but the coins seemed to fly away too fast. Still the coin system was unique and fun to use. I would have liked to been able to get back those coins somehow. I know that they all disappear at some point, but I don’t know if that goes into your coin piggy-bank, or if it literally disappears. Still a neat upgrade system and the upgrades were fun to earn and use! The overheat feature was also a nice addition to the game and made you weary of how many bullets you used.


Like in all of Time’s games, Dromad had absolutely wonderful pixel art. I really liked the rock floor as it gave off a nice cavern feel to the game and kind of set the atmosphere for the game. The sand was also a nice addition to the game, whether the sand was sliding the enemies to you or not I do not know, but still it looked nice and creative instead of more stone. The characters, in my opinion, were sublime. I loved the retro look of them and simple how many of them there were. Characters were drawn well and of course animated very well. Later in the game, the room was dimmed and the torches lit up the room which looked amazing! Overall, fantastic art as always from Time!

The music was very aesthetic and set the stage for the game, which was a fast-paced shoot-em’-up! The music was really fast-paced with short breaths in-between segments acting as segues. This theme especially worked well when the lights dimmed and you could feel the monsters closing in on you. The piece had a great dark classical tone to it that worked well with the battle lying before you. Also accompanying the music were sound effects. There were great-sounding sound effects for every aspect necessary such as shooting, bumping into an enemy, hitting an enemy and picking up coins. Overall a very aesthetically sounded game.

Overall, Dromad is a great arcade shoot-em’up! The difficulty was pretty good, but the difficulty ramp itself was a bit shaky and inconsistent and new enemies were introduced almost at random. One of my favorite aspects of the game was that you could only shoot sideways. This made you rework your strategy a bit and made the game quite unique in my opinion. Different units types also spiced up the game and I loved it when the ghosts invaded the room and the lights dimmed. The artwork, as always, was great. I loved all of the different looks and designs of the characters, as well as the surroundings. Finally, the music fit the game well and kind of reflected the gameplay – fast-paced. In conclusion, this is the perfect game to play if you only have five minutes and love mini-games! Be sure to check out Dromad today!

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