This week was full of great games! My favorite games of the week had to of been Rocket Panda, Grand Prix Go and Learn to Fly 2. I especially enjoyed Grand Prix Go, which I spent a couple of days with. Rocket Panda was a fast-paced shooter taken into the three-dimensional world and Learn to Fly 2, which is the sequel to one of the highest rated games to grace the Flash realm, revolves around cute penguin and his desire to redeem himself and prove the world he can fly. Another great game was KOLM 2, but it just seemed to lack gameplay and difficulty a bit in my opinion. Anyway, let’s get started!

Learn to Fly 2 Created by: light_bringer777

“Learn to Fly 2 is now out onto Kongregate! The penguin is back in this epic launching game where the penguin once again suits up to prove the world wrong – penguins aren’t flightless birds! The penguin sets out to avenge himself as he catches a photo of himself crashing in the last game (at the end) on Failbird (a site in the game). Learn to Fly 2 keeps the same addictive qualities of the original game, and tosses in many new features to spice up the gameplay and give a unique feel to this epic sequel. If you’ve never played Learn to Fly, basically, you must launch your penguin from a slope of snow and send him gliding across the ocean! Try to reach the farthest distance and unlock new awards and buy new equipment at the shop.” – Continue reading our review of Learn to Fly 2!

Grand Prix Go Created by: turboNuke

“Grand Prix Go is a new and fast-paced, furious, formula-one racing game sub-licensed by TurboNuke (Tim Round, TurboBoing, did all of the art, except the user interfaces and most of the programming. RobotJAM worked on UI and LongAnimals contributed a bit in programming). Much like actual formula-one racing, you must take control of a formula one car and drive it through treacherous tracks that involve wild turns and speeding strips where you can you your turbo to whiz past that competition. As you complete races you’ll be able to move on to tougher tourneys and if you complete enough tasks you’ll move on past the gold cup to the pro series. Grand Prix Go truly delivers one of the best formula-one racing experiences in the Flash world.” – Continue reading our review of Grand Prix Go!

Rocket Panda Created by: LongAnimals

“Rocket Panda is a new and exciting three-dimensional shoot-em’-up by LongAnimals. LongAnimals has produced many amazing games over the years and I’ve been watching their success really kick off from the beginning. Rocket Panda is a really exciting shooter filled with a bunch of enemies, unique bosses and pandas and badgers! Your goal in each of the ten levels is to destroy the onslaught of enemies and their projectiles and reach the end of the level, but first you must face an intimidating bosses! Rocket Panda also introduces a nice theme music and stunning three-dimensional visuals.” – Continue reading our review of Rocket Panda!

KOLM 2 Created by: Tony

“KOLM 2 is now out on Armor Games. I highly recommend playing the originally KOLM first, if you haven’t already – playing KOLM 2 will be rather confusing if you haven’t played the game that got the ball rolling for the sequel. KOLM originally left you off as you arrived out of your mother’s domain and into a new land. KOLM 2 now investigates that land and unravels a grand family conspiracy as he finds two new characters along his journey for freedom. I don’t want to give away too much of the storyline, but the end is definitely unexpected and thought-provoking.” – Continue reading our review of KOLM 2!

Army of Ages Created by: Louissi

Army of Ages is a new Age of War type game (by the same developer) where you must evolve into different generations of humans, learn new combats while your enemy evolves with time to. Unfortunately, that was the last game and this time around you’ll be versing a much less primitive enemy – aliens! Suit up and arm yourself with clubs, axes, swords and guns as you evolve through time into a force to be reckoned with. The aliens will also improve over time, so be sure to evolve quickly and set up defenses, like turrets. Anyone that loved the Age of War series will definitely enjoy Army of Ages!

Anyway, that wraps it up for the best games of the week. Hopefully, I’ve introduced one or two new games to you!