Learn to Fly 2 is now out onto Kongregate! The penguin is back in this epic launching game where the penguin once again suits up to prove the world wrong – penguins aren’t flightless birds! The penguin sets out to avenge himself as he catches a photo of himself crashing in the last game (at the end) on Failbird (a site in the game). Learn to Fly 2 keeps the same addictive qualities of the original game, and tosses in many new features to spice up the gameplay and give a unique feel to this epic sequel. If you’ve never played Learn to Fly, basically, you must launch your penguin from a slope of snow and send him gliding across the ocean! Try to reach the farthest distance and unlock new awards and buy new equipment at the shop.

Learn to Fly 2

The Learn to Fly series has never had any real difficulty I’d say because the entire game you seem to be working towards one goal the entire time and little to stop you was in place. Learn to Fly 2 isn’t really a game that’s going to challenge you, but instead it’s just a blast of fun and quite easy overall. “Killing” the iceberg was just a matter of time and buying the latest upgrades. I’m sure that GregisMojo (the duo of admin game badgers on Kongregate, Greg and RawisMojo) will add a badge to the game, which they announced they were going to add badges, that will challenge the player to complete one of the modes in a very short period of time. They did last time, in the original, so that’ll definitely challenge a ton of people if they’re going after the bit of incentive.

The gameplay was phenomenal. I’ve always have been a big fan of the original Learn to Fly, simply because of the theme of the game, the gameplay, and especially because of that cute little penguin! Learn to Fly 2 plays out like any other launcher game, but for some magical reason, unexplainable, it doesn’t feel like a launcher. It seems to have a bit more depth and I think that the reason could be, because of the storyline. If you remember the original game, at the end, the penguin smashes into a giant iceberg. Learn to Fly 2 continues off from that point, but you wake up from a coma and then attempt to avenge yourself by trying to kill the iceberg, and that’s where the game, and you, comes in. I liked the variety of upgrades – there were literally pages of upgrades for each category. The special shop was a neat edition and I’m glad that the developer didn’t make the objects there purchasable (though i wouldn’t have minded).

Learn to Fly 2

The art, as always was fantastic. When I first played Learn to Fly on Kongregate I thought that the art was rather strange, what was such a wonderful game doing with art practically based off gradients where the colors so greatly contrasted? The art has been improved a lot from what I can remember, though there are still a lot of gradients at play, which when done correctly look great and the artist achieved that. There were actually a lot of different upgrades in the shop, and of course that meant a lot of different pieces of art. All of the art looked wondrous, the characters, upgrades and backgrounds all fit together very well and look sublime overall.

The music when flying was perfect. I loved the rock-ish sound of it and beats. It seemed to be a pretty short loop though, but you don’t really recognized that when cruising through the sky at hundreds of miles a hour! The menu music, such as found in the shop, was perfect and was a good placeholder till the action-packed, rock music kicked in when flying. I really liked the contrast of the two pieces actually. I really did like the shop music, it was relaxing and keep the game at an “easy-going” state, in my opinion.

All in all, Learn to Fly is a great launcher game that comes with a simple, yet quite appealing storyline that’ll keep you hooked until you beat the entire game! Any fans of the previous game, Learn to Fly, will definitely relish the sequel! In review, the difficulty wasn’t really there, but I liked the game like that and the objective of this game took a while too get too providing a good hour or two of gameplay. In a sense, Learn to Fly 2 didn’t really like a launcher! Unlike most launcher games, this one actually had a goal and a storyline, which were both great and fun to achieve and stride towards! The art has always been wonderful and once again looked terrific. Music was another strong point for this game and the contrast between the flying music and the shop music was great, but was a sublime transition. In conclusion, Learn to Fly 2 is one of the greatest launcher games to grace the Flash world and this game will snatch hours of your life in what seem like minutes! Be sure to play Learn to Fly 2 on Kongregate today!

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