Grand Prix Go is a new and fast-paced, furious, formula-one racing game sub-licensed by TurboNuke (Tim Round, TurboBoing, did all of the art, except the user interfaces and most of the programming. RobotJAM worked on UI and LongAnimals contributed a bit in programming). Much like actual formula-one racing, you must take control of a formula one car and drive it through treacherous tracks that involve wild turns and speeding strips where you can you your turbo to whiz past that competition. As you complete races you’ll be able to move on to tougher tourneys and if you complete enough tasks you’ll move on past the gold cup to the pro series. Grand Prix Go truly delivers one of the best formula-one racing experiences in the Flash world.

Grand Prix Go

I think that the aspect of this game that made it the most difficult was the steering. I’ve, nor many people, have ever driven a formula one race car, but the steering in Grand Prix Go was extremely stiff and unresponsive. I actually saw that a large fraction of all the comments on the game were discussing the controls and a landslide of people are saying that the car can be very tough to handle especially on such narrow and sharped-turning courses. i would have loved to see the controls loosened up a bit. You can already loosen the controls up a bit by purchasing upgrades, but still the controls are a bit restraining. Overall, the difficulty was perfect. The gold cup was especially challenging and I’ve only met third on the last course. It takes a bit of skill. The pro cup is available after completing a bunch of different objectives (not medals) and from what I’ve heard it is very challenging!

I thought that the game idea was great. There hasn’t been too many takes on F1 racing and to see it executed so well was amazing and really delivered a breath of fresh air compared to other racing games. The tracks were quite accurate to what you’d normally see in F1 racing, and I loved their designs. All of the levels were fun to race on gave a unique experience. The upgrades were especially nice and even upon maxing out your car, unlike other racing games, Grand Prix Go was still challenging even on the gold cup level. Steering could have been loosened up a bit, like I already mentioned. AI was also well done and they were realistic, and still challenging competitors.

Grand Prix Go

The art was fantastic. Tim Round did a large majority of the art (with the exception of the menus, or UI), as well as the programming and RobotJAM also helped with GUI designs. LongAnimals also contributed a bit in programming The cars were nicely shaped, but I felt that the F1 cars could be a bit thinner – right now they look chunky and tall, just the opposite of what one would describe a F1 car as. The 3D perspective on the cars looked great and the tracks were also well drawn and textured. Ground and trees were also a nice addition to the course and I loved how the time of day was changed depending upon what track you raced on.

The music when racing was perfect. I loved how fast it was and the atmosphere it created for the race. Actually, the highlight in the sound department for this game were the sound effects. The developers created a convincingly real atmosphere for the game that included great engine noises, drifting, braking and more. The menu musics were more intricate than the music while racing and sounded wonderful as well. Probably one of the biggest highlights for this game were the sound effects!

All in all, Grand Prix Go is one of the best F1 racers in Flash. Any fans of racing games will definitely relish in the release of this game. In review, the difficulty was perfect. The difficulty ramp was perfect and I was challenged continuously throughout the entire game. I haven’t seen to many F1 racing games so playing Grand Prix Go was a big breath of fresh air. The graphics were really neat and I loved the three-dimensional look of the game. Cars looked wonderful, but compared to an F1 car it was a bit think and tall. The music was perfect, but what really stood out in my mind were the sound effects, which created a fantastic atmosphere for the game. In conclusion, Grand Prix Go will end your search for a great racer! Be sure to play Grand Prix Go today!

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