Rocket Panda is a new and exciting three-dimensional shoot-em’-up by LongAnimals. LongAnimals has produced many amazing games over the years and I’ve been watching their success really kick off from the beginning. Rocket Panda is a really exciting shooter filled with a bunch of enemies, unique bosses and pandas and badgers! Your goal in each of the ten levels is to destroy the onslaught of enemies and their projectiles and reach the end of the level, but first you must face an intimidating bosses! Rocket Panda also introduces a nice theme music and stunning three-dimensional visuals.

Rocket Panda

The difficulty was okay. I would have loved to see the game to be a bit more difficult, because as of now I cruised through the entire 10 level campaign with ease. I would have liked to see different game modes selectable at the beginning of the game. While I survived 90% of the time, the bullets were quite hard to dodge – especially when a lot of projectiles were being fired at you, but if you’ve ever played a bullet-hell game, such as Bullet Heaven, then you’ll find this game to be way to easy and the projectiles too easy to dodge. What I did like about the projectiles, and what made the game much more difficulty, was that the projectiles were practically homing missiles – the projectiles would follow you around the screen until they eventually passed or hit you.

My only complaint about the game, besides it being a bit too easy, was that the panda took up a big chunk of the screen and seeing bullets that happened to have been fired directly at you were nearly impossible to catch a glimpse of before they hit you. If a bullet was fired in front of the panda, or any of his badger (?) buddies I would have loved for them to be slightly transparent so that, even if they are technically not possible for you to see, that you can see them and dodge them. Besides that I found the overall gameplay to be phenomenal and I loved the idea of the game. Movement was simple, I liked the auto-fire and the power-ups were unique, fun, and added more depth and spiced up the game from time to time.

Rocket Panda

The art in Rocket Panda was mind-blowing. LongAnimals uses a very unique program to get the effects and the overall look of the game and the three-dimensional effects is stunning. I loved the panda as the main character – he/she was very cute looking and animated very well. I also liked the look of the various enemies, such as the birds, tanks and cows, but my favorite enemy was the flying sharks! Animation in all of the different enemies and characters was all very well and professionally done. The texture for the ground were also nice and added a terrific look to the scenes. What really sold the art were the three-dimensional graphics – they looked fantastic and created a wonderful atmosphere for the game.

Probably one of the best aspects of the game, not to mention one of the most noticeable, was the music which was made for the game. LongAnimals made the music and BiscuitLocker did the lyrics. A big congrats to everyone that worked on the main theme because the Rocket Panda song is by far one of best and most original pieces that I’ve ever heard for a game. Music (by LongAnimals) was phenomenal and worked fantastically with the lyrics. The lyrics were also great and had great┬árhythm. Overall, the song was perfect for this game and is quite the catchy song!

All in all, Rocket Panda is one of the best three-dimensional shoot-em-ups, if not one of the best shooter overall, that I’ve seen in a while! In review, the difficulty was missing a bit. I would have loved to see different difficulty options instead of just flat-out easy with no really difficulty ramp. The game did make up in the gameplay department with it’s fun shooting theme and various power-ups and comrades. The three-dimensional view of the game really made it all that more original and gave off a wonderful atmosphere for the game. Sprites and characters were well drawn and animated. The music really stood out to me and the theme song had to be one of the best original songs to appear in any Flash game I’ve played. In conclusion, Rocket Panda is a fantastic shoot-em’-up that is fun and easy, and is the perfect game to play with a free break or evening. Be sure to check it out on Kongregate today!

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