KOLM 2 is now out on Armor Games. I highly recommend playing the originally KOLM first, if you haven’t already – playing KOLM 2 will be rather confusing if you haven’t played the game that got the ball rolling for the sequel. KOLM originally left you off as you arrived out of your mother’s domain and into a new land. KOLM 2 now investigates that land and unravels a grand family conspiracy as he finds two new characters along his journey for freedom. I don’t want to give away too much of the storyline, but the end is definitely unexpected and thought-provoking.


Unlike the original KOLM, KOLM 2 was very easy. I beat the game in 30 minutes with little effort. Most of that time, instead of trying to solve puzzles, collect various items, et cetera, was spent running around from one location to another. The problem that I saw with KOLM 2 is that it literally begins right where the original KOLM left off. You have all of the upgrades and you really don’t need to search for anything in the entire game, which originally made it a great adventurer game, but instead it felt more like you were an error-boy instead of some mysterious robot on an adventure to unravel more about his past and family in an adventure game like fashion.

Gameplay was okay. Like the original KOLM you were hunting and searching all around a cave-like structure. The only thing that KOLM 2 was missing was difficulty. The game felt too easy and I would have loved to see a couple of genuine puzzles mixed into the game. The storyline was very exciting and made you think a bit about the characters. In a sense, the KOLM series is one giant art game. The game was overall very thought-provoking and even after the game you were wondering why the characters did what they did. I’m going to have to run through the original KOLM again and maybe catch a couple of hints as to what’s happening from the mother’s perspective and how the sister really ties into the whole ordeal. A new mode was added to the game that allowed you to see your objective points. This made the game a lot easier and cut out some of that real exploration from the game – this game be either good or bad depending how you want to actually play the game.


The art was fantastic. The style was very much the same as the original KOLM, but the colors may have been changed around a bit on some things, such as tiles. What I like most about what Tony did with the movement, was that as you moved the perspective on the level changed. That gave a really nice atmospheric feel to the game that made the game look lively and energetic. I really liked the color choice in the game and the color worked perfectly with that dark, ambiance theme that the gave had going to produce a cave-like look. Characters were also well drawn and i like how the color of the screen changed if you stepped into the light as if you were were being partially blinded.

Tommy Robin made the music for KOLM 2 and incorporated a very nice ambient and electric music piece. I’ve always been a fan of ambient sound tracks, especially with such atmospheric games. As the piece begins on the more atmospheric side, it eventually transforms into a bit of electric and sounds even better. This was the perfect piece of this game. The sounds effects were also well, done but were a bit hard to hear over the music. The game really did focus in on the music and I think that was a great choice considering how great the track sounded!

All in all, KOLM is an exciting adventure game that continues the great KOLM series. Any fans of the game game KOLM will definitely relish the release of KOLM 2 and’ll delve into the depth storyline that involves family conspiracies, great adventures and characters shrouded in mystery. In review, the difficulty was a bit on the weak side. All of the upgrades were already included in the game and no real puzzles were involved. However, the great storyline and atmosphere of this game made it all worthwhile. The art was fantastic and I loved the cave-look the game held. Characters and animation were also drawn well. Finally, the music was sublime. The theme of the music changed a bit as it progressed as it blossomed into something more electronic sounding – really great overall. In conclusion, KOLM 2 is great adventure puzzler that you’ll want to play if you have some spare time (about 30 minute gameplay) and then challenge yourself with the harder mode. Be sure to check out KOLM 2 on Armor Games today!

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