Have you been craving a RTS battlefield game recently, like Epic War? Well, Myth Wars 2 is finally here and better than ever! Myth Wars 2 is a deeply stratregic game where you must summon units from your side of the battlefield (and depending what team you side with you’ll have different units) and you must guide them through the chaos, fending and defeating foes along the way to reach the enemy castle. Your goal is to destroy the enemy’s stronghold and to defeat all of their units. Before each battle you can upgrade your units, buy new units, add new upgrades, or abilities to them, and up their level. You can also upgrade your base for more health and special weapons!

Myth Wars 2

Myth Wars 2 actually has a pretty interesting difficulty system in place. You can actually choose to redo levels, like most of the games in this genre, but instead of the levels practically being identical to one another each time you load it up, the level continuously becomes more and more difficulty as the units become more and more powerful and the enemy fortress gains an incentive of health points to help protect it from your onslaught. After you complete the same level three times (?) you eventually gain a star for that level clarifying that you completely cleared it. I actually thought that the first big chunk of the game was much too easy and then, around level 10, the difficulty ramp really spikes. The first nine levels were much too easy and there was no real difficulty ramp in between those levels, but once you hit double digits it seems that the entire difficulty of the game was doubled.

I liked the gameplay a lot. I really think that this is a rather small genre, that was revolutionized and popularized by Epic War and when games of this genre come out they’re always compared to Epic War, but a lot of the gameplay and ideas in the game have a lot of variance and make this game truly unique. I thought that the ability to fight over water and in the airs was rather unique – I’ve only seen it maybe once or twice before. The upgrade system is nice, easy to understand and maneuver. The overall concept of the game has been done time and time again, but the way the developer executed the game really adds his own touch to the genre and some new ideas are availed. I really enjoyed the water and air combat fighting. Those battles made you reconsider how to upgrade your troops, because, while in one battle you might need a lot of ships or air support, the next could heavily rely on ground troops.

Myth Wars 2

The art was a real treat. The graphics and all of the sprites all look fantastic, but there were a couple of flaws here and there overall in the art. For one, the waters and air can look rather blurry and fuzzy. A lot of the backgrounds look blurry to me and in my opinion, they should have been sharper. Even the land that the characters walked on was blurry. The castles, especially the top of them were blurry as well. There were a lot of these mistakes in my opinion, that overall degraded the art of the game. While the stocks were of bad quality, the animation and the sprites were all very sharp and had a nice appeal to them. Character design was perfect and I loved all of the different creatures the developer came up with and incorporated into the game. Animation could have been refined a bit as it was sort of blocky and jagged at time, but overall animation was well done and looked great.

There was a lot of great music and sound effects present in Myth Wars 2. The overview menu music sounded really good and had a nice orchestral / band, slightly techno theme to it and while it was as nearly war-like and threatening as the in-battle music, it did hold a similar theme that carried over a lot of the same concepts of the in-battle theme. The in-battle music was also very good. There were a lot of fast-paced drum and trumpet (?) sounds playing. It was the perfect piece for a war scene. While the piece was good, it was rather short, somewhere around a minute or so and the piece didn’t loop to well so there was a large five second gap until the music began playing again. Sound effects were missing at some points and the only real sounds I heard during combat were the gases firing from my units. As far as I can tell there were sounds missing for all actions besides the gases.

All in all, Myth Wars 2 is fantastic strategy game that’ll challenge you to a good couple hours of fun. Everything about the game was well executed overall and the difficulty of the game was good. It felt like though, that the game had significant spikes in it’s difficulty ramp here and there. Yes, I know that each level is labeled with a different difficulty, but when you proceed from an easy level to a hard level (the next difficulty) the entirety of the difficulty ramp is spiked. Could have been a little work there. The gameplay though worked out great and there were a lot of unique ideas used! I loved the ability to fight over the water and in the water with different units. The art was a bit blurry at times, but the characters were all very sharp and had a nice design to them. The animation was also well done, but could have been cleaned up a bit to make it smoother. Finally, the music was really good. I enjoyed both tracks and they were both quite pleasing to the ears. In conclusion, Myth Wars 2 is a fantastic strategy game that’ll keep you hooked for a couple of hours! Be sure to play it today!

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