This week has been the best week for games in a while! This week, one of the best RPGs I’ve come across in my time in the Flash realm, RPG Shooter: Starwish was released and it took the weekly prize in the Kongregate contest. RPG Shooter: Starwish was also featured on Armor Games. In other news, the third chapter of Flagstaff was released, Flagstaff: Chapter Three. Moontype, another game to graze Armor Games is fun and quick-paced typing game, perfect for a short break from work! Another fantastic game was Elements of Arkandia where you must solve puzzles all around Arkandia and sell items at your shop. As you can tell, this entire week has been jam-packed with amazing games from a lot of big-name and indie developers alike. Anyway, let’s get started!

RPG Shooter: Starwish Created by: xdanond

My favorite game of the week by far, and I’m guessing a lot of people agree with me, coming in first place for the weekly Kongregate contest is RPG Shooter: Starwish! RPG Shooter: Sharwish, according to the developer is a game made, because he saw no games with much of an in-depth storyline anywhere in the Flash world. I agree and this game brings a whole new breath of fresh air and hopefully more games will follow suite. Starwish was actually based off of the Kongregate Shootorials, but from the way the developer executed the game, you’d never guess it – the game was pulled off that well and the storyline perfectly accompanied the game and turned the entire game into less of a brainless shoot-em-up and instead into a smartly written game with vivid and colorful characters that created an unbelievable atmosphere for the game. View our review for RPG Shooter: Starwish!

MoonType Created by: Chman

MoonType is a new fast-paced typing game where you must type all of the words on the screen. To make the game more interesting, the developer made you have to defend a point on the screen and from there you can fire rockets at the spaceships that are attacking you. MoonType becomes really quick, and the enemies start to pile up and overwhelm you around level 10. If you can get past level 10 I congratulate you, because I couldn’t even get that far! My only complaint is that later on in the game, when the enemies are literally piled on top of one another, that it becomes very hard to read the text and mistakes are practically guaranteed to be made. Besides that, MoonType is one of my favorite typing games I’ve come across!

Jack in the Box Created by: sihirbaz

Jack in the Box is a great platformer that starts off like any other with simple platforming basics, but then things take a turn and new characters are introduced into the game! On each level (past the tutorial levels) you must control multiple characters, at the same time, and guide them to the box. There are a total of 30 levels, and as you progress through the game they become increasingly difficulty as this platformer puzzler introduces more characters and new level designs that’ll be sure to make you work out the puzzles in your head. This is a great puzzler if you have an hour to spare!

Myth Wars 2 Created by: belugerin

“Have you been craving a RTS battlefield game recently, like Epic War? Well, Myth Wars 2 is finally here and better than ever! Myth Wars 2 is a deeply stratregic game where you must summon units from your side of the battlefield (and depending what team you side with you’ll have different units) and you must guide them through the chaos, fending and defeating foes along the way to reach the enemy castle. Your goal is to destroy the enemy’s stronghold and to defeat all of their units. Before each battle you can upgrade your units, buy new units, add new upgrades, or abilities to them, and up their level. You can also upgrade your base for more health and special weapons!” – Continue reading our review of Myth Wars 2!

Riddle Transfer Created by: JonBro

“Riddle Transfer takes place right where Riddle School 5 left off, and is the sizeable first part of what will be a five-part series. Phil Eggtree has saved his friends and rid the world of the alien leader Viz, but his journey back home doesn’t turn out how anyone could have predicted. This is the start of a new adventure–one much more dangerous than the last. Those of you who wanted to see a Riddle School 6, here it is! More than half a year in the making, this is physically larger than any of the Riddle School games, and a lot of time has been spent touching up the story, the puzzles, the animation, and in all other aspects making sure it meets (and hopefully surpasses) the standards set by the first series. The beginning of this game probably won’t make much sense if you haven’t played Riddle School 5, but I sincerely hope that even those of you who haven’t played my other point-and-click games will enjoy this new adventure.” – game description ( View walkthrough for Riddle Tranfer!

That sums up the best games of the week and hopefully I’ve introduced one or two new games to you!