Liquid Measure, which is one of my favorite puzzlers is now out for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad! This unique puzzler will challenge you to built, rearrange and connect pipes to guide the water to various and multiple jars around the level. If you waste any water, such as the water hitting the ground, you’ll have to restart to make sure your structure won’t leak when you turn on the water. There is a lite version of the game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for free, but the full version will come jam packed with 80 unique, fun and challenging puzzles with¬†regularly¬†undated level packs! You can snatch the lite version for free and get the full version for the low price of $0.99! Anyway, be sure to check the game out for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad and get the lite version, or upgrade to the complete game which has 80 unique levels and updated level packs!

View Liquid Measure Lite in iTunes!

View Liquid Measure in iTunes!

Released Screenshots: