For the last couple of days I’ve been playing a new game, (that I originally saw on FlashGamesLicense I believe) called RPG Shooter: Starwish. RPG Shooter: Starwish is by far one of my favorite RPG games that I’ve ever come across! The in-depth storyline of the Federates versus the Pirates will suck you into the game and will keep you coming back to the game. This game follows the life of a pilot named Deuce and his band of Pirates as they attempt to fend off the overpowering attacks of the Federates. Nothing is as it seems in this addictive RPG game that plunges you into an exciting futuristic space battle between two great forces!

RPG Shooter: Starwish

Most of the stages were pretty difficulty. It is a good idea to get stocked up on your best weapons and modules for your ship. The more of the same weapon you buy the stronger it gets when you actual use it. If you can’t beat a level you can always go back to previous levels, earn extra gold and experience and buy new weapons, modules and more. The shop system was pretty neat and when you learn to read the cards and their variables it becomes easier to make more concise and smarter decisions. Modules were also a nice addition and then made the game a bit easier in the long-run with their small benefits. Sometimes the hit detection on the environments while in the levels was a bit off and sometimes you could float right on through barriers instead of crashing into them.

This is a game with a lot of dialog. If you aren’t someone that wants to read pages upon pages of script then you can always skip the text, but the storyline is absolutely incredible. In my opinion, if this game did not have text, I’d be hear saying that this game is generic – sure it has some fun gameplay and the shop is unique. So truthfully, without the text in this game and the amazing storyline this game wouldn’t have the addictive quality that dragged me into the game in the first place. The actual battles are rather generic in my mind. That’s why I say that the storyline has been absolutely vital to this games success! I thought that the battle scenes could have been improved a bit. The controls were a bit rough and i would have loved to see some eight-way, or diagonal, movement. Probably my favorite part of this game overall was the storyline and characters. The developer really went to extents to make this a heavily dialogged game, and focused on the character. So while this game was all about fighting off the Federates you also had a lot more going on in the game.

RPG Shooter: Starwish

The art was fantastic, especially while outside of battle. The scenes and the characters were all well drawn and all looked unique and different. I loved all the different backgrounds while talking to people. They really set the moods for game and continuously reminded you that you were in a futuristic space craft. The art did a fantastic job with this game, but I was a little disappointed with the art while in battle. The graphics looked generic and didn’t look like anything special. The rocks and grounds floating around sometimes looked good in their scenes, but sometimes they looked misplaced and their patters and textures looked literally cut off. It isn’t that the art doesn’t look good while in battle, some of the graphics do look good and are good, but in comparison to what I saw in the backgrounds and characters, I know that the graphics could have been improved.

The music was phenomenal! There were actually a bunch of different tracks that played throughout the game, such as when you talked to someone, when you were at the overview menu and when you entered battle. Some tracks even varied upon who it was you were talking to and where you were talking. This game was packed with great piece. I thought that all of the pieces had a great tune to them and actually fit the more futuristic theme that the game worked hard to aquire. The music really set a nice mood for the game and was, most of the time, peaceful. Music in the battles were more frantic and accompanied by fast-paced tunes. Sounds effects were all there, such as when you fired, when you, or an enemy, was hit and more.

All in all, RPG Shooter: Starwish is one of the most amazing RPG games that I’ve played in a long time! It held an incredible addictive value of sorts that made you keep playing the game. The game was actually pretty long and could take many hours to complete! In review, the difficulty was perfect. Many of the levels had a challenging design and dodging bullet and debris was tougher than it looked! Sometime, though, the bullets were too small and were hard to see because of their color and the backgrounds. The storyline was sublime. The developer, or storywriter, did a phenomenal job and the story, most importantly, was very interesting and keep you hooked to the game! The art was fantastic and I loved the character design, planets and backgrounds, but the art in-battle wasn’t up to par to what I saw outside of battle. Also, the music was perfect. I loved how calming it was and the mood that it set for the game. In conclusion, RPG Shooter: Starwish is a breathtaking RPG game that you won’t soon forget! This game will continuously drag you back to play with its grand storyline and characters. Be sure to check out the game today, but beware, this game is easy to pick up, but impossible to put down and considering this is an enormous game, you’re likely to be spending a lot of time with this game!