If you’ve never played Riddle School before this game might be a bit confusing! Do not fear though, even if you haven’t played the previous five games, Riddle Transfer is still a fun and highly enjoyable, yet puzzling, point and click adventure game! Here’s a quote from the author comments box.

“Riddle Transfer takes place right where Riddle School 5 left off, and is the sizeable first part of what will be a five-part series. Phil Eggtree has saved his friends and rid the world of the alien leader Viz, but his journey back home doesn’t turn out how anyone could have predicted. This is the start of a new adventure–one much more dangerous than the last.┬áThose of you who wanted to see a Riddle School 6, here it is! More than half a year in the making, this is physically larger than any of the Riddle School games, and a lot of time has been spent touching up the story, the puzzles, the animation, and in all other aspects making sure it meets (and hopefully surpasses) the standards set by the first series.┬áThe beginning of this game probably won’t make much sense if you haven’t played Riddle School 5, but I sincerely hope that even those of you who haven’t played my other point-and-click games will enjoy this new adventure.”

Here’s a walkthrough if you get stuck!