This week was full of exceptional games! I spent a lot of time with Space Arcade and the Warp Game. Dribbles: For the Greater Good was also another fantastic game and is currently on Armor Games. Some other highlights are Avalon – Last Stand, which was actually rated quiet low on Armor Games at 5.3/10 currently, and Hands of War 2 – Expansion Edition which we announced the release of back on Wednesday. Anyway, let’s get started!

Warp Game Created by GraniteGear

My favorite game of the week had to be the Warp Game. Coincidentally enough, I saw the game first on Flash Game License when the developers were trying to get a sponsor for their game (FGL is a great site by the way, especially if you’re trying to find a sponsor for your game, get games for your company, or just play games while they’re underground). The Warp Game, while not entirely unique, is an amazingly fun platformer with a warp system so that if you fall off the stage you’ll appear on the opposite end of the stage. Kind of like Pac-Man or Doodle Jump – your character flies off the left side of the screen and appears on the right. There are actually a bunch of challenging levels and you’ll definitely have to take a couple of seconds to figure out what you have to do. There are thirty default levels if I remember correctly, but with the Kong API users can submit their own user-created levels and share them with the world! Game overall platformer and puzzler!

Space Arcade Created by tonechild

Space Arcade was a fast shoot-em’-up by ToneChild. Fend off hundreds upon hundreds of ships with your decked out ship as you upgrade it with the money from debris. While Space Arcade is a truly fun game to play and I love all of the different guns you could buy, it lacked creativity. I’ve been playing Flash games for some years now and I see nothing unique to Space Arcade. I would have just loved to see some creative outburst in this game, but all I see is the same generic shoot-em’-up that seems to come out every month now. I do think that the developer spent a lot of time on this project and I respect the Space Arcade for being a great shoot-em’-up, but I just don’t see any originality. I would have loved for the developer to do something that hasn’t been done before, or at least introduce fun-to-fight enemies into the battlefield. For the most part the levels were challenging, especially if you didn’t have the necessary equipment and upgrades. Overall Space Arcade is a great shoot-em’-up, but, unfortunately, isn’t too unique in any aspect.

Hands of War 2 – Expansion Edition Created by Djugan

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, the Hands of War 2 – Expansion Edition had just came out! Hands of War 2 is by far one of my all-time favorite game, if not my all-time favorite game. If you haven’t played Hands of War it’s basically one of the the best Flash RPGs on the internet. One of the main new features of the expansion edition is that there are three new classes, the Beast Master, Necromancer and the Rogue (Rogue’s double hit attacks will kill anything in seconds!) New quests are also available, along with different mounts, new armors and equipments and much, much, more! If you liked the first and second Hands of War then you might want to consider running through this expansion pack since there are so many new features. I might try to complete the game with the new classes as they all sound really exciting! Anyway, Hands of War is one of the best RPGs around if you enjoyed the first and second game then you won’t want to miss Hands of War 2 – Expansion Edition!

Avalon – Last Stand Created by tpodhraski

Avalon – Last Stand is another really good game on Armor Games that unfortunately was rated pretty low! In Avalon – Last Stand you play as a magician named Nathanos. To get a good understanding of the game you must understand the storyline, which is well-written and gives you the sense that you’re protecting more than a city of humans but the entire species. The story goes that a mortal was born around the same time a meteor struck the land. Later in the human’s life he goes searching for this same meteor and is granted the power to turn the people into ferocious and savage beasts. Controlling these beast he attacked the seven cities in the land and planned to exterimated the human race. In the last city you must fight for all humanity and hold off Nathanos’ forces by casting spells onto his beasts! As you level up you’ll be able to buy more unique spells and cast them onto the monsters below. The H.U.D could be confusing at first and the game is rather difficult. Overall, a fun defense game that should have a higher rating.

Dribbles for the Greater Good Created by thepodgegames

Dribbles for the Greater Good is an innovative puzzler in which you must guide the Dribbles (the little red characters) to the ned point. Most importantly, you must get the king, which’ll be at the back of the pack, to the end point. You can sacrifice some Dribbles to get to the end of the level, a long as the king reaches the end! I haven’t seen a puzzler like this before and I think that the idea of the whole thing is pretty unique and creates a fun environment for the game. The H.U.D and controls are laid out nicely and are easy to use. All around a perfect puzzler. It was really fun and enjoyable to play and made you think outside the box a bit, especially as new abilities were introduced into the game.

Anyway, that sums it up for the best games of the week. I hope that I introduced one or two new games to you that you might not have chanced upon!