Drag and Shoot is a new and fun puzzler by Keybol. Keybol is probably most popularly known for his Belial games which are a series of awesome point and click games revolved around Hell. Drag and Shoot is a nice physics game that plays out much like Blosics, but instead of trying to knock all of the blocks off the screen, your objective is to make two balls make contact. In order to do that you must maneuver your cannon around the screen and trigger certain events to make the two objects hit. The game have an in-game tutorial that’ll give you the basics of the game through the first five levels or so and there is a grand total of 40 exciting levels to solve!

Drag and Shoot

I didn’t think that Drag to Shoot was that hard of a game. In my opinion, it was maybe a bit too easy. I cruised through the game for the first 20 levels. Most of those twenty levels could be completed on your first go with a par rating and with minimal effort. I would have loved to see the difficulty ramp come up sooner as the first twenty levels, to me, felt redundant because of their absence of any real difficulty. Thankfully, the game did pick up the difficulty after level twenty. Unfortunately, it felt like most of those levels, instead of being difficult and altogether complex and labyrinth, was simple more of a guess and check as most levels soon required insane accuracy to pass. The first true level that I was stuck on was level 24 which was actually pretty perplexing and had some actual difficulty in it.

While this game had some of the mechanisms as Blosics, which is great game by the way, the gameplay was entirely different. I loved the fact that you could move the cannon, you were able to fire from anywhere on the screen, that was not crossed out. This really allowed you to be creative and get those par shots. Even if a par is 2, for say, you may be able to complete the level in one if you fire from the correct angle. It really gave you the ability to be more free in the game and it also allowed the levels to be more complex. Most games, similar to Drag and Shoot have stationary posts where you must fire, but by taking out that variable Keybol is able to create much more challenging and innovative levels. I thought that the idea of the game, trying to get one object to reach another object was a great idea and I have definitely not seen it used before in this genre.

Drag and Shoot

The art was pretty simplistic, but the way Keybol pulled it off, made the art look fantastic. There was a great color scheme of green and I loved the glossy and shiny effect that the blocks and circles had. I liked the look of all of the different blocks and each one had some simple changes to them and their colors looked great together.

The music had a great puzzler theme to it and could also work a detective theme – it was very mysterious sounding! I liked the piece a lot, but it did get a bit repetitive over a longer period of time. The music was actually pretty quiet and the sound effects seemed more prominent overall as they literally roared over the quiet, puny, sound of the music. The only problem that I had was that I wanted to listen to the music only, none of the sound effects and by turning up the music you’re turning up the booming sound effects. I would have loved an option to have one or the other, only, on. The sound effects sounded great. There were effects for when the cannon went off, when the cannonballs crashed into something and more. They all combined to form a great environment for Drag and Shoot.

All in all, Drag and Shoot was a fantastic puzzler! If you have a free afternoon you’ll definitely want to invest your time in Drag and Shoot as it provides a good hour or two of fun gameplay with 40 unique levels! In review, the difficulty was okay. It took a bit of time for the game to actually become of any level of difficulty, but once it did some of the levels were actually pretty challenging! I also liked the ability to move your cannon, almost, anywhere on the screen. This allowed Keybol to make some fun and innovative puzzles for this game, compared to what is possible in stationary posts. The art was great and the color scheme was nice. I would have loved to see a bit more complicated art though as right now it’s borderline minimalistic and I feel that, looking at some of Keybol’s previous games that there could be some more expressive and nicer art available. The music was fine, but a bit quiet and I’d love to feature to turn off the sound effects and kick-back to the relaxing and mysterious music. In conclusion, Keybol’s newest game Drag and Shoot is definitely a game that you won’t want to miss! Be sure to play it today – link is below!

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