As always, there was a bunch of fantastic games released a week! My favorite games of the week were Dragon Age Legends: Remix (which actually came out the week before, but hadn’t been popularly released until this week when it hit the portals), Jacob and the Magic Piano, Hacker vs. Hacker and The Adventures of Red. I haven’t played too much Ninja Painter, which has scored pretty high on multiple portals, since it just came out a day, or two, ago, but from what I’ve seen so far it’s a great puzzler and should keep you entertained for some hours! The Project Eden Music Game Contest, on Kongregate, has been going strong and Step Seq. is currently leading strong, with Nerdook’s Jacob and the Magic Piano in second.  Anyway, let’s get started!

Jacob and the Magic Piano Created by: Nerdook

Jacob and the Magic Piano is an exciting game by Nerdook, developer of Orbital Onslaught, I am Insane Rouge AI, Deadly Neighbors and Monster Slayers, just to name a couple of his most popular of his games, which has been entered in the Project Eden Music Game Contest. You’ll want to read the brief tutorial in game or you’ll be lost! Basically, the goal of the game is protect your gold stars from the ghosts. Blocks around the screen, and your character, will automatically attack the ghosts. Create your own music to beat each wave of enemies as each note, or sound, will allow a different block to attack. There are a total of 16 levels so this is a great game to play with a free evening!

The Adventures of Red Created by: Rob_Almighty

“Adventures of Red: Quest for the Chocolate Muffin is an exciting puzzler where you must guide a yellow duck, named Red, through a mansion to find a chocolate muffin – Red forgot to eat breakfast! Adventures of Red is a puzzler by Rob_Almighty. He made the Blow Things Up! series, worked on Hambo, The Golden Robot, Toxers, The Dreamerz and more! This cute point-and-click puzzler is the perfect game to play if you have a free afternoon! Anyway, here’s the official walkthrough and a text walkthrough, both of which can be found on Armor Games!” – Continue reading our walkthrough of The Adventures of Red!

Ninja Painter Created by: SilenGames

I played around a bit with Ninja Painter yesterday and it’s is definitely an very innovative puzzler! If you’ve ever played Pokemon, you’ll know how your character acts on ice, he/she slides until they crash into something. The same principle works in Ninja Painter! You’ll slide across the screen until you hit something. Your goal is to color all of the necessary blocks on the screen by collecting paint. There are three different difficulties, easy, medium and hard, and each one has ten levels. Ninja Painter is a game that you’ll be able to spend a good couple of hours with if you intend to complete the entire game. Harder levels will definitely take a lot of thinking to complete and you’ll need to think out a large sequence of events and reactions before moving.

Pogo Rampage Created by: vzigames

Pogo Rampage is a great fast-paced game, in which you play as a person on a pogo stick and you must kill the civilians, trucks, oil tankers, planes and even satellites to earn the highest score you possibly can for each stage! After you complete a stage you’ll arrive at a shop where you can buy new upgrades and increase the frequencies of the enemies appearing. In a sense, this game appears to be strongly inspired by Indestructo Tank as many of the concepts are the same and the gameplay is eerily similar. Still, Pogo Rampage brings a couple of unique features that’ll boast the efficentiey of your pogo stick. This is a great game to get acquainted with in a free break as it’s easy to get started!

Hacker vs. Hacker is an exciting game about two hackers fighting each other and trying to infect one another’s computers with malware and other viruses. Your goal is to set up defenses, which’ll blast the enemy viruses and allow you to focus more on your offense. As you defeat hackers, new and more powerful hackers will challenge you! There are a total of 17 hackers to fight. Hacker vs. Hacker may be a little confusing at first, but you’ll catch on by the second or third level. The tutorial stretches across a couple of levels so you’ll have a good idea of what to do soon enough!

That  sums it up for the best games of the week! If you’d like, leave comments below on what you think are the best games of the week!