The developer of the original Raze, which was a very successful game has recently announced that tonight (depending on where you live it could be different) the official Raze 2 demo will be released! Obviously this is a big day for all Raze fans. Juice-Tin, the developer, in several of his posts on his site,, has remarked that the new game will run much faster compared to the original Raze. Raze 2 is built-up completely on a new engine that’ll allow the game to run much better than before! Raze 2 will not be multi-player, but the third Raze will in fact be – according to this post on Here’s a short quote, including some of the new features of Raze 2, from

“Much much much better performance. Lots of explosions, bullets, and people with no slowdown! Tons of weapons… TONS! Upgrades! Yes, lots of player upgrades! Very amazing levels that will feel alive. (Trains running through them, realistic weather effects, etc) Reflections on mirrors, water, etc. Even in game Monitors that will show what’s going on in other parts of the level! Smarter AI, more control with custom games, more game modes. Realistic environments with realistic (and sometimes changing) weather effects. For example, running through mud/rain will be slippery, running through snow or shooting it will make snow fly up in the air, rain and heavy winds will push players back slightly, etc. And… Special abilities…”

The original Raze is a really enjoyable and fast-paced shooter that was original released in early 2010. The game scored millions of plays all around the web and on Armor Games alone scored almost 15,000,000 plays. Raze is the perfect game for any shooter fan. Raze included 15 unique campaign maps to play and kill enemies on and five different game modes that could be chosen when picking a level. The new Raze will include these features and more. I’m really looking forward to the new A.I (artificial intelligence) as the current enemies don’t really seem to track you down, but appear to be waiting for you most of the time. Of course, probably the most exciting new feature is the introduction of new guns!

The demo of Raze 2 will be playable very soon! The developer announced that it will be released today, so hopefully we’ll see it in the next couple of hours, or sooner! Anyway, I’ll toss up a link to the demo as soon as it comes out, so check back here later and snatch the link!

EDIT: Have Fun! Be sure to leave a comment of support, thanks, suggestion,or comments for Juice-Tin on his official announcement post, which also goes over a quick recap of the new features!

Play the Raze 2 Demo Now on!

Released Screenshots (these screenshots are from the alpha stages of the game. The developer promises “100X” better graphics in the final release):