Fantastic games – this week was full of them! This week a ton of original and superb games were uploaded, such as Gun Mayhem, Nobuyuki Forces 4, Help the Hero, and more! Keep reading for the best games of this week!

Gun Mayhem Created by KevinGu

I’ve spent the last couple of days playing Siegius and Gun Mayhem, both amazing games released onto Armor Games just a couple of days ago. Gun Mayhem is an exciting brawler type games and if you’ve ever played the classic Super Mario Bros. Brawl then you probably have a good idea about what you’ll be doing in Gun Mayhem. Gun Mayhem was really fun and challenging and brought back good memories of Super Mario Bros. Brawl! Perks, different hand-guns and enemies with various powers kept this game fresh and made the game especially enjoyable! Play Gun Mayhem on Armor Games!

Siegius Created by JuiceTin

Siegius was another great game by Juice-Tin, who also developed Raze. Siegius is an awesome Epic War / Age of War styled game where you must defend your castle from the onslaught of enemies and advance towards the opposition, attacking and destroying their castle. Your goal is to send out your own units, use siege weapons and artillery to destroy the enemies and their castle. The game opens with you defending your castle from hundreds of enemies with artillery, archery and catapults and then goes over a brief tutorial. This is a must play game for anyone who enjoyed the gameplay of Age of War or Epic War. Play Seigius on Armor Games!

Nobuyuki Forces 4 Created by takahirou

Another neat game that I recently ran through recently was Nobuyuki Forces 4 which is a fast-paced shooter with Unity-like graphics and movement system. It was a really good shooter game, but sometimes the gameplay lacked and getting hit by bullets was unavoidable. Nevertheless, the game was still highly enjoyable and the 3D camera looked really great – this game is a good example of that you don’t need Unity to make three-dimensional type games, or really any other program, but instead it can be done entirely in Flash. Play Nobuyuki Forces 4 on Kongregate!

Help the Hero Created by Tony

Help the Hero, which was released on Thursday and I gave you all a heads up on the release date previously, came out and it was better than I originally thought it would be. Being a henchman never sounds fun, but Help the Hero was actually a pretty enjoyable game that delivered a unique gameplay experience. Your hero had four stats and your goal was to beat the opposing enemy, which you fought in some sort of auditorium, in every stat. Whoever beat whom with the least amount of damage dealt to their character won! There was no luck involved and I’m glad that there wasn’t! It was purely based on strategy and I loved how you had to hold onto the heroes items for him, almost in a puzzle genre sort of fashion until you could equip him. Play Help the Hero on Armor Games!

Amigo Pancho Created by ConmerGame

Amigo Pancho, which was recently released to the portals, is a fun and addictive puzzler in which you must escape the chasm you’ve fallen in! Luckily you took two balloons with you! Float your way to the top of the chasm and escape the freedom. Of course, this is much easier said than done and you’ll have to solve a multitude of puzzles to reach the top of the chasm and not allow your balloons to pop. There are many unique levels in which you must either kill the enemies, or at least block their firing to protect your balloons. Amigo Pancho is a quick and unique puzzler with many levels to keep you busy for the day! Play Amigo Pancho on Armor Games!

Anyway, that sums it up for this week’s best games! Hopefully, I introduced a couple of new games to you, to enjoy this weekend!