PSN Protector is a fun, new, game based off the recent attack on the PlayStation Network. Your goal, as the PlayStation server is to build virtual fences, as hackers approach the server, to destroy them. You must hold off the hackers for as long as you can! Once your defenses fall and the hackers have succeeded, you can submit your score to the in-game leader board where you’ll compete will players all around the world. There are a total of three difficulty settings and hundreds of different hackers that’ll advance towards the precious PlayStation sever! Defend it at all costs!

PSN Protector

I thought that the difficulty was pretty good. I’m not especially good at the game, my average score being around 5,000 points during easy mode, but I did find it extremely fun and overall, smartly, challenging. To master this game, you have to really multi-task between the swarms of enemies. My pro-tip, even though I have a disappointingly low score, on average, is to build fences for the enemies that you are waiting for to come and then to take care of the enemies that are coming next. You have to find a balance between taking out the enemies that are approaching and the enemies that are literally, right on your doorstep. If you find that balance you’ll find that fewer enemies are going to get near the sever even if you’re playing one of the harder difficulties.

The idea of the whole game was pretty original. I haven’t seen a defense game like this before, where you’re defending a single points of the map, in such a unique fashion. The whole gameplay to me seemed original and I really liked the exclusivity of the game. I really liked the upgrade system. Most games would just buff the sever, maybe have lasers shooting out of it and whatnot, but instead, PSN Protector, actually changed up more of the gameplay aspect with the upgrades and things like the area you could plant your fences on, how many fences you could use at a time, the length of the fences and more variables. I also liked how the different enemies had different health points and movement speed.

PSN Protector

The enemies, were all pretty unique to one another. The view of the game is isometric, so the developer did a lot of stereotypical geometry shapes, such as the cube and triangular pyramid, but also included more random shapes, such as an “X” and a red blood-cell shape. Color choice for the game was well thought out. I always like the color purple in the tech themes, such as the one prominent in PSN Protector. The grid effect on the ground looked nice, as well as the screen line effect. The character were pretty bright and colorful and really stood out on the dark purple background.

The in-game music sounded really good. It was fast-paced, which a game like this should have and sounded wonderful. It fit really well with the gameplay, as you were being attacked by an onslaught of hackers. The music also matched the multi-tasking part of this game, in a way. I really liked the music and the ontrast of the fast-paced in-game music to the slower, more calm, drum music was perfect. I have always thought that such as contrast sounds terrific, when done correctly and PSN Protector, did it perfectly. The upgrade menu music, was the same that was used in the main-menu.

In conclusion, PSN Protector is a unique defense game that is based off of the recent attack on the PSN severs. Any defense game fan will love PSN Protector as it has most of the same ideas of a defense game, but presents it an whole new, exciting, fashion. The game was pretty difficult, at least for me, but I thought it was fair. It takes a little practice to get a hang of, but once you do, and upgrade properly, this game becomes really easy. I thought that the gameplay was really unique. It presented the defense genre in a whole new light. The art was really good and the design of the ground, as well as the enemies looked fantastic. The music, while playing the game, was really fast-paced and fit the game quiet well. All in all, PSN Protector is a unique defense game that anyone who has enjoyed defense games before, should definitely check out!

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