Tony, developer of Defend Your Honor, Heir, the IndestructoTank series, K.O.L.M, the Shift series and the Upgrade Complete series – to name only a few of his many games, has announced the release date for his newest game Help the Hero! You can read his full ArmorBlog announcement here. Help the Hero, as the title implies is a game based around being the hero’s henchman. For each segment of the game you’ll arm the hero with various weapons, such as axes, knives and crossbows, along with potions and various armors and items. You must prepare the hero each day for his fight! Dim Vian of Super Flash Bros drew up all of the art for the game, which looks fantastic and Arin “Egoraptor” Hanson voiced the game. Be sure to check back on Armor Games, this Thursday, for the release!

Released Screenshots: