Blow Things Up! 2 is the sequel to the innovative Blow Things Up! which we actually reviewed back in November 2010 when it first hit the internet! Much like the last game your goal is to get through 42 exiting levels which you must knock all of the enemies off the screen with bombs! Beware, some of the Things are friendly and you won’t want to knock them off of the screen. You’ll have to place bombs strategicly so that you can take out all of the baddies and keep the yellow Things alive! This time around there is a variety of new Things to blow up! There are things that can catch fire and melt objects, Things that bounce and jump, balloon Things and more!

Blow Things Up! 2

Some of these levels were actually pretty difficulty! I started to really be challenged and having difficulties around level 25, when most of the levels required a bit of thinking and trial-and-error. Most of the levels, you knew how to complete them, but getting that perfectly aimed shot took a lot of trial-and-error! Some of the levels felt like they were more luck-based than anything because even if you were a couple pixels off when you detonated the bomb it would give you a much different outcome than if it had been five pixels to the left, for example. Once you actually figured out how to complete a level, there was still that big difference between knowing how to complete the level and actually completing the level. The accuracy part of the game took some serious guesstimation to get correct and made the game overall more difficulty.

I think it was more likely the power of the bomb, that made the game so difficulty. In most level you really had to work with a Thing that was going to fly off the screen. If you’re doing anything accuracy related, such as in level 23, you’re really going to have to do some trial-and-error to get it correct. The bombs – while semi-realistic – seemed quiet over-powered and tossed the character too high in the air. It made it increasingly difficulty to tell where your character was going to land. For the most part, this was a really good game. There was a bit of trial-and-error involved which I believe no puzzler, or physics game should have (in most cases). I really liked the new Things, which were the heavy, balloon, bouncy and fire Things. It spiced up the gameplay a bit and made you think outside of the box on how to complete a level with so many variables and properties on the screen. I’ve liked the gameplay in both games, which included you, using bombs to knock the enemies off the screen. It’s, for the most part, original and fun!

Blow Things Up! 2

Like the recent Castaway 2, for Blow Things Up! 2, Rob_Almighty did whole new art for the game! I have to say that these new Things are much cuter than the previous things and I can say that the platforms are a big improvement over the previous platforms. The new Things were actually in a variety of shapes, unlike the previous circular Things. The way the new Things are drawn completely affects the gameplay. The new shapes allow the Things to roll less and really makes you take advantage of the bomb’s power. The new art looked fantastic and looked much less rigid and smoother. Shadowing was well done and gives the characters nice round shapes. All of the characters were also animated, such as the fangs on the red Things and the fire on the fire Things, as well as the happy smile on the yellow Things and the subtle movement of the bouncy Things. Animation was very smooth, made the scene lively and looked fantastic.

The only real disappointed about Blow Things Up! 2, is that there was absolutely no music! I would have loved to have listened to any sort of music, especially some calming, puzzle game stereotypical music. Rob_Almighty didn’t include any music at all and I would have loved for some music to be displayed! It made the game seem empty and quiet. While the game didn’t have any music included, it did have some really good sound effects! I loved the sound effects and they narrated the game really well! There were sound effects for everything necessary. There were sound effects for the bombs and the characters blasting off into the air and objects landing back onto the platforms. While the game lacked in music, it really did make up in the sound effects department!

All in all, Blow Things Up! 2, is a new and exciting puzzler that brings me back to when the first episode came out! Any fans of the previous game, or fans of puzzlers will love Blow Things Up! 2 as it brings 42 unique and fun levels to the table! In review, the difficulty was pretty good! Some of the levels felt a little luck-based, or really more tedious in the trial-and-error department. The game made up for this with the 42 fun and challenging levels – thankfully, most of them didn’t require such precision! The idea of the series has been great so far and the introduction of the new Things really spiced up the gameplay and kept the game fresh for people who might have already completed the previous game. I thought, the art, which was completely redone, looked fantastic! It really had a nice, new, style to it and the shading was perfect! Animation was also well done and made the scene rather lively, especially with multiple critters on the screen! While there was no music, there was a bunch of sound effects and all of them sounded great and worked really well with the game! In conclusion, Blow Things Up! 2 is an easy game to pick up, but will keep you around with its addictive gameplay that’ll hold you until you complete all 42 levels! Be sure to play Blow Things Up! 2, today!

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