Doodle God 2 has just been released by Badim onto various portals, including Kongregate! If you loved the previous combination making game then you’ll love the new Doodle God 2 game! Once again you must combine various objects and elements that oyu make in-game – starting with only a few – to create as many elements as you can! This time around there are multiple episodes for you to complete. Episodes one and two are primarily beginner levels and episode three is the toughest episode! This¬†addictive¬†puzzler will challenge you to find literally hundreds of different elements! If you become stuck then check out the official walkthrough by Badim (the developer) over on!

Doodle God 2

Play Doodle God 2 Walkthrough on Kongregate!

Episodes 1 & 2

Outcome First Item Second Item
Steam Water Air
Energy Air Fire
Dust Air Earth
Lava Fire Earth
Swamp Earth Water
Alcohol Water Fire
Stone + Steam Water Lava
Sand Air Stone
Sand Water Stone
Clay Sand Swamp
Stone Lava Air
Bricks Fire Clay
Storm Energy Air
Glass Sand Fire
Fire+Stone+Stone Stone Stone
Energy Alcohol Fire
Electricity Energy Metal
Limestone Shell Stone
Life Energy Swamp
Bacteria Life Swamp
Weeds Life Water
Plankton Water Bacteria
Fish Plankton Bacteria
Worm+Sulfur Bacteria Swamp
Shell Stone Plankton
Whale Fish Plankton
Worm Plankton Earth
Butterfly Worm Air
Beetle Worm Earth
Scorpion Beetle Sand
Snake Worm Swamp
Egg Life Stone
Egg+Snake+Snake Snake Snake
Egg+Bird+Bird Bird Bird
Egg+Lizard+Lizard Lizard Lizard
Egg+Dinosaur+Dinosaur Dinosaur Dinosaur
Egg+Turtle+Turtle Turtle Turtle
Bird Egg Air
Lizard Egg Swamp
Turtle Egg Sand
Dinosaur Egg Earth
Dragon Dinosaur Air
Dragon Dinosaur Fire
Lizard Snake Worm
Fish Snake Water
Bird Lizard Air
Beast Lizard Earth
Human Beast Life
Human Life Golem
Whale Water Beast
Corpse Poison Human
Poison Scorpion Tools
Poison Snake Tools
Poison Mushroom Tools
Moss Weeds Swamp
Mushroom Weed Earth
Fern Moss Swamp
Grass Moss Earth
Tree Seeds Earth
Seeds Sand Life
Seeds Grass Grass
Seeds Tree Tree
Wheat Field Seeds
Wheat Grass Field
Reed Grass Swamp
Tobacco Grass Fire
Ghost Ash Life
Zombie Corpse Life
Ghoul Corpse Zombie
Vampire Human Blood
Vampire+Vampire Human Vampire
Werewolf Beast Vampire
Treant Life Tree
Dragon Fire Dinosaur
Thunderbird Bird Storm
Phoenix Bird Fire
Phoenix+Ash Phoenix Fire
Golem Clay Life
Tools Metal Human
Wood Tree Tool
Field Earth Tools
Fabric Wool Tools
Clothes Human Fabric
Paper Reed Tools
Book Paper Feather
Ceramics Human Clay
Sex Human Human
Hut Stone Human
Cement Clay Limestone
Concrete Water Cement
House Bricks Concrete
Skyscraper House Glass
Wheel Wood Tools
Boiler Metal Steam
Steam Engine Boiler Coal
Boat Wood Water
Ship Wood Boat
Frigate Ship Fabric
Steamship Steam Engine Ship
Cart Wood Wheel
Chariot Beast Cart
Chariot Domestic Animal Cart
Locomotive Steam Engine Cart
Weapon Tools Metal
Hunter Human Weapon
Poisoned Weapon Weapon Poison
Assassin Poisoned Weapon Human
Warrior Weapon Hunter
Saltpetre Limestone Fertilizer
Gun Powder Saltpetre Sulfur
Firearm Weapon Gun Powder
Flour Stone Wheat
Dough Water Flour
Bread Dough Fire
Beer Alcohol Bread
Cigarette Paper Tabacco
Beer Alcohol Wheat
Vodka Water Alcohol
Alcoholic Alcohol Human
Alcoholic Beer Human
Alcoholic Vodka Human
Domestic Animal Human Beast
Milk+Fertilizer Domestic Animal Grass
Wool+Meat+Milk Domestic Animal Human
Wool+Meat+Blood Beast Hunter
Feather+Meat+Blood Bird Hunter
Dinosaur+Blood Hunter Dinosaur
Dinosaur+Blood Dinosaur Human
Warrior+Blood Warrior Beast
Warrior+Blood Warrior Dinosaur
Corpse+Warrior+Blood Warrior Human
Hero+Blood Warrior Dragon
Dragon+Ash Dragon Human
Dragon+Ash Dragon Hunter
Ash Book Fire
Ash Paper Fire
Ash Moss Fire
Corpse Human Fire
Ash Fire Corpse
Coal+Ash+Ash Tree Fire
Coal+Ash Wood Fire
Ash Snake Fire
Ash Fire Worm
Ash Fire Lizard
Ash Fire Tabacco
Ash+Ghost Fire Treant
Corpse+Assassin Assassin Human
Corpse+Blood+Assassin Assassin Warrior
Dolphin Fish Beast
Oil Water Coal
Energy Oil Fire
Car Oil Cart
Airplane Car Air
Wizard Human Energy
Worm+Wizard Wizard Warrior
Human+Wizard Wizard Corpse
Demigod Wizard Energy
Philosophers Stone Demigod Quick Silver
Lightbulb Void Glass
TV Radio Wave Lightbulb
Rocket Void Airplane
Satellite Void Rocket
Computer TV Book
Cell Phone Computer Radiowave
Nuclear Bomb Plutonium Weapon
Laser Radio Wave Fire
CD Laser Book
Internet Computer Computer
Radio Wave Void Electricity
Radiation Radio Wave Radio Wave
Plutonium Radiation Metal
Gold Metal Philosophers Stone
Quick Silver Metal Water
Cyborg Human Computer
Demigod+Flower Nuclear Bomb Demigod
Apple Flower Tree
Palmtree Tree Sand
Coffee Seeds Energy
Sunflower Flower Sun
Plasma Fire Energy
Sun Plasma Void
Flower Philosopher’s Stone Grass
Human Philosopher’s Stone Corpse
Demigod Human Philosophers’ Stone
Dragon Egg Philosophers’ Stone
Water Poison Philosophers’ Stone
Tree Wood Philosophers’ Stone
Beer Water Philosophers’ Stone
Human Alcohol Philosophers’ Stone
Energy Ghost Philosophers’ Stone
Corpse Zombie Philosophers’ Stone
Human Vampire Philosophers’ Stone
Human Werewolf Philosophers’ Stone
Ash Sun Vampire
Flower Sun Grass
Ash Sun Vampire
Seeds Flower Flower
Corpse+Corpse+Alcoholic Alcohol Car
Gold+Gold+Gold Apple Cell Phone

Episodes 3

Outcome First Item Second Item
Alien Void Life
Antibiotics Bacteria Medicine
Dept Bank Money
Mechanism Tools Law
Money Paper Gold
Typewriter Book Mechanism
UFO Rocket Alien
Virus Human Bacteria
Clock Glass Sand
Credit Card Money Debt
Ant Beetle Work
Cat+Dog House Beast
Octopus Fish Knowledge
Rat Beast Human Medicine
Astronaut Human Rocket
Hacker Computer Virus
Journalist Human Typewriter
Knowledge Human Book
Medicine Virus Knowledge
Medicine Bacteria Knowledge
Pirate Ship Alcoholic
Policeman Soldier Law
Scientist Human Knowledge
Soldier Firearm Warrior
Work Human Money
Caviar Egg Fish
Cheese Milk Bacteria
Cookies Bread Sugar
Freezer Ice Mechanism
Ice Glass Water
Ice Cream Ice Cookies
Ice Cream Ice Milk
Pie Apple Dough
Salt Sea Sun
Salt Sea Fire
Steak Meat Fire
Sugar Reed Field
Death Metal Corpse Electricity
Fun Human Music
Fun Human Games
Fun Human Sex
Games Law Fun
Law+Sin Religion Human
Music Human Reed
Religion Commandments Human
Rock N’ Rock Alcohol Music
Rock N’ Rock Vodka Music
Rock N’ Rock Sex Music
Bank Money House
Bank Money Skyscraper
Sea Water Water
Absinthe Alcohol Grass
B-52 Coffee Vodka
Hangover Vodka Beer
Molotov Cocktail Fire Vodka
Rum Pirate Vodka
Rum Pirate Alcohol
Russian Roulette Firearm Vodka
Tavern Hut Vodka
Tavern Hut Beer
Tavern Hut Alcohol
Tavern Hut Alcoholic
Tavern House Vodka
Tavern House Beer
Tavern House Alcohol
Tavern House Alcoholic
Tequila Worm Alcohol
Tequila Worm Vodka
White Russian Vodka Milk
Censored Sex Sex
Corpse Dept Firearm
Bank Money Mechanism
Alien+Alien Astronaut Alien
Knowledge Scientist Money
Hangover Pirate Money
Hangover Alcoholic Money
Ice Freezer Water
Money+Money+Money Money Money
Sin Sex Money
Religion Apple Cell Phone
Virus Hacker Internet