As always, the developers have been submitting amazing games to the portals around various websites! Some highlights are Castaway 2, Reimagine :The Game: and the release of Cursed Treasure: Level Pack! Once again, I’ll break it down to the top five and then some for you!

Castaway 2 Created by likwid

“Castaway 2 is now out on and with a bunch of improvements over the previous episode! I know that the first one had some issues and that left much to be desired, so thankfully, the developer has added many of those wanted features and bug fixes, including an auto-save, transparency of objects when behind them and a new, huge, inventory! This time Castaway shares with you over 100 exciting levels, brand new graphics, more monsters, more pets, leveling up skill points, new bosses and mini-bosses, a new crafting system with hundreds of combinations, new armors and weapons, nearly 100 quests and hours of replay fun! Indeed, Castaway 2 brings a whole new gameplay, while retaining much of the original fun and things you loved about the original Castaway! If you’ve never heard of Castaway, it’s an epic RPG game by Likwid Games that you won’t be able to put down once you pick it up!” – Continue reading our review of Castaway 2! (Castaway 2 – Crafting Guide)

Cursed Treasure: Level Pack Created by IriySoft

“The level pack to the extremely popular and successful Cursed Treasure: Don’t Touch my Gems is now out! This level pack offers much the same gameplay as the original Cursed Treasure: DTmGs, but offers 15 brand-new, never-seen-before levels for your enjoyment! If you liked the previous game, then you’ll definitely love jumping right back into the hero-killing world of Cursed Treasure! If you remember, you play as the evil forces and attempt to stop the onslaught of heroes that are after your precious gems! Cursed Treasure: DTmGs was definitely one of the best tower defense games to date, earning the top spot on and earning various awards and placements on other sites, such as Newgrounds and Armor Games!” – Continue reading our article on Cursed Treasure: Level Pack!

Reimagine :The Game: Created by Nutcasenightmare

“The third :The Game: episode is now out on! Reimagine :The Game: brings you all of the hilarious fun of the first and second game and adds new puzzling platformer levels! You’ll have to make your way through double-rainbow world, Apple-Portal mix, Youtube and much, much more in this hilarious parody game! Take control of your celebrity characters and guide them through a world of dangers! Get them to the exits to complete each level! The narration and the parodies altogether make this one of the funniest games to come out in a while! This mind-bending puzzles will make you think a lot – especially the boss levels!” – Continue reading our review of Reimagine :The Game:!

The I of It Created by Gameshot

The I of It is an interesting new game by Gameshot. One day, the T left the I and so your quest begins to find the T as the I! This cute puzzler will have to playing as the letter I and you’ll have to navigate through various levels to get to T. I must admire the level design and how all of the levels can be beaten with a character in the shape of a letter I. In each level there will be spikes and other traps that could lead to the end of I’s journey! Guide him through the levels and find T!

Diamond Hollow Created by Arkeus

Diamond Hollow was created for the Ludum Dare 20 competition, so it was made in 48 hours or less! Diamond Hollow is much like the game Tower of Greed. In both your greed dictates whether you live or die. You want to collect as many gems as possible, but you don’t want to fall off the stage, which will continuously side-scroll downward. Find a balance between living and making a living. As an avid Tower of Greed player and fan, I can say that Diamond Hollow is more challenging, but allows you to upgrade your character to lessen the difficulty. You have three lives, or health points really, and you must climb and climb throughout this cavern evading bullets, blowing up enemies and various other traps, while collecting an abundance of gems! Diamond Hollow is an extremely addictive game and the fact that it was made in less than 48 hours amazes me! After each run you can upgrade your character and his arsenal.

Other Honorable Mentions:

Edmus Created by pouchmouse

Zombie Knight Created by changko

Don’t Panic Created by ForTheLoss

City Siege 2: Resort Siege Created by thepodgegames

Laser Cannon 2 Created by Crash512