The third :The Game: episode is now out on! Reimagine :The Game: brings you all of the hilarious fun of the first and second game and adds new puzzling platformer levels! You’ll have to make your way through double-rainbow world, Apple-Portal mix, Youtube and much, much more in this hilarious parody game! Take control of your celebrity characters and guide them through a world of dangers! Get them to the exits to complete each level! The narration and the parodies altogether make this one of the funniest games to come out in a while! This mind-bending puzzles will make you think a lot – especially the boss levels!

Reimagine :The Game:

Most of the levels were actually pretty challenging and thought provoking! I loved how the developer switched up the gameplay with every level as to keep you on your toes and having to learn a new way to play the game with different characters. Most games allow you to play with only one character and by the end of the game you’re a pro with that one character and you can solve any puzzle with that character! The developer switched it up and allowed you to play with multiple characters and have an unique experience with every level! Most of the levels took a bit of thought to complete you had to really think outside of the box for most levels! The final boss levels are sure to get you thinking, especially the Bieber and werewolf one where if you mess up you have to start back at the chalk-board.

Unlike the previous episodes, Reimagine :The Game: is literally the first real “game”  in my opinion. Sure I enjoyed the previous games, but Reimagine :The Game: brought a whole new aspect to the table and that was the difficulty! There were tons of puzzling, physic-based, platformer levels and I loved it! The previous games were practically solely based off of jumping off a platform, committing suicide, but, just the opposite, in Reimagine :The Game: you’re actually avoiding death and you’re trying to make it to the end of each level! All of the levels were challenging and were unique and fun! Each level was different because each character had a different ability. Lady Gaga could double jump, another character could turn into some sort of pollution, a third could double jump and Obama, well, he’s only human – he didn’t get any special abilities. I loved how the developer icorporated the parodies and the jokes in! While this game is a hundred times more difficult than the previous ones and frankly, puzzled me sometimes, this game could make you laugh even when you were trying to solve a complex puzzle!

Reimagine :The Game:

I thought that the art fantastic! I’ve always admired the art as it looks magnificent! I love the character design - like how the characters wobble around and their blank faces. The characters really are pretty cute. Reimagine :The Game: of course had a lot of art! Every level there was brand new art, simply because with every level there is a new and different world to explore. Many of the sprites weren’t used throughout the game, but only in one level. I loved the hand-drawn look of everything – the non-parallel lines and the organic shapes. Backgrounds also look wondrous and they were well animated as well with clouds and other objects or monsters – such as in the boss stages. Foregrounds, such as the platforms also look perfect and had a nice hand-drawn look to them.

I really enjoyed the music. It’s actually all-original music made for this game – according to the game description on Newgrounds. There’s actually about nine minutes of original soundtrack packed into this game! I really enjoyed the music and it fit the game pretty good as well! The pieces were all pretty fast-paced and sounded terrific! The music also went quiet well with the scene it was in. For example, the more easy-going music was placed at the earlier, non-threatening levels and then the game builds up with darker, more ambient pieces as you come closer to the boss! Anyways, the pieces sounded great and I loved that there was so much original music! Sound effects were also wisely used! Such sound effects were the pitter-patter of feet hitting the ground, you landing on the ground after a jump, transforming, double-jumping, wall-jumping and many more accommodated.

All in all, Reimagine :The Game: is one of the funniest, yet most challenging platformers to ever hit the portals. It retains the addictive qualities of the previous episodes and brings new challenges with the platforming genre! Any fan of the previous game, anyone that wants to laugh a bit and anyone that loves a good platforming challenge will definite confide in Reimagine :The Game: for the day! In review, the difficulty was perfect. Many of the levels were pretty challenging and you have to think outside of the box for many of them! The gameplay was really fantastic. I loved how the developer was able to make the game funny and challenging at the same time – which the previous games were unable to obtain. I thought that the art was magnificent and I really liked the style that the art used! Finally, the music was amazing and there was actually nine minutes of original music! Sound effects were smartly used and make the game environment more dynamic! If oyu have some time to spare to today you’re going to want to pick up this game!

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