(Castaway 2 – Crafting Guide) Castaway 2 is now out on ArmorGames.com and with a bunch of improvements over the previous episode! I know that the first one had some issues and that left much to be desired, so thankfully, the developer has added many of those wanted features and bug fixes, including an auto-save, transparency of objects when behind them and a new, huge, inventory! This time Castaway shares with you over 100 exciting levels, brand new graphics, more monsters, more pets, leveling up skill points, new bosses and mini-bosses, a new crafting system with hundreds of combinations, new armors and weapons, nearly 100 quests and hours of replay fun! Indeed, Castaway 2 brings a whole new gameplay, while retaining much of the original fun and things you loved about the original Castaway! If you’ve never heard of Castaway, it’s an epic RPG game by Likwid Games that you won’t be able to put down once you pick it up!

Castaway 2

You have to weary of your health in this game. Stay stocked up on health potions and be sure you have the best items for that part of the game. Crafting items will allow you to make bigger and better weapons that’ll deal more damage to your foe! Many of the foes early on in the game and later on in the game will have a lot of health points and will take some time to kill! Some of the tougher enemies in the beginning include the the larger beetles which’ll take ten or so hits to take down. I’d recommend crafting a lot in the game to save money! You can also buy armors and weapons in shops that are spread out across the land! You need the latest and strongest items if you wish to survive in this game, so be sure to experiment with different items in the crafting menu to see if you can unlock any new armors, shields, weapons or items of any kind for free instead of spending at the shops! Your pet will be able to deal some damage for you during the game and he’ll grow stronger as he levels up along side of you.

I really liked all of the new features that Likwid Games added to Castaway 2! I thought that they really payed attention to all of the feedback and bug reports that they got from the communities around the web and that they did a great job on fixing up those bugs and adding those desperately wanted features. I love the new feature where if you are behind an object, for example, a tree, that it becomes transparent and you’re able to see the character even when he is behind the tree. I know that this was not included in the original/previous Castaway and I know how hard that can make the game – especially when you’re trying to find new item and you could not see them behind the obstacles. I also really liked the new stat system and how you could specialize in different areas. The crafting ability was really cool and is something that I’ve, personally, only seen in Arkandian Crusade – another RPG. The crafting system was pretty neat, but sometimes it was pretty hard to create new weapons when in the dark of the recipes. Anyway, great, new features to Castaway, they did a great job listening to the communities!

Castaway 2

I really loved the art in Castaway 2! For one it looks amazing and is simply very beautiful. And two, it is completed different from the original Castaway! Many RPG seaquels, or any sequels for that matter, use the same art over and over again. Sometimes you just want to see something fresh and new. Castaway 2 dilivered with an exceptional beautiful art style. I loved the trees especially! There were just so many bright colors emitting and the entire scene looked great! Vegetation such as bushes and other plants were also well done. Sometimes with all the different bushes and grasses it looked like some sort of marsh or jungle undergrowth, which is an achievement in my mind! All of the sprites were well animated, a bit choppy at times, but I think that kind of matches the RPG style in a way.

The music was fantastic. It sounded stereotypical RPG music, where it just sounds plain epic and adventurous! What I love most about the music is that it was made specifically for Castaway 2 and originally music is always a plus in my opinion! The music really fit the atmosphere and created a bit of it, delivering an adventurous mood to the game as you explored these new and strange lands! Of course, like most RPGs, there were a ton of lovely sound effects! Sound effects such as a sword slashing, hitting an enemy, or various button sounds in the menu were all there and more, creating an absolutely perfect environment for this fantastic RPG!

In conclusion, Castaway 2 is a unique RPG by Likwid Games that has a ton of improvements over the original Castaway! All fans of the original Castaway and RPG loves will definitely enjoy Castaway 2! In review, the difficult was perfect! The enemies definitely became tougher as time went on, constantly challenging the player. Be sure to craft a lot as newer and stronger enemies will continuously appear in the game. I really liked the new features added to the game such as the transparency. The combat was perfect and I loved the crafting option! I thought that the art was fantastic! I loved the look of everything in the game from the grass and waters to the towering trees and ferns. The music was exceptional and sounded adventurous and daring. Castaway 2 used a wide variety of sound effects, all of which were cued perfectly and sounded wonderful! All in all, Castaway 2 is a sublime, new, RPG by Likwid Games! This game is easy to pick up, learn to play, but impossible to put down!

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