Once again many games were uploaded to the portal, including many Pico Day movies and games by the developers over at Newgrounds.com! Today we’ll wrap up the best games of the week for last week, breaking it down to the top five!

Spike – A Love Story Created by Matzerath

“Spike – A Love Story is a little arcade-type game that puts you in the power of a pesky spike trap! I thought that the game description really summed up the main idea of the game so here it is: “It’s not easy being a spike-trap. By design, players are supposed to get by you without TOO much trouble. But you just can’t do that. After years of seeing the same guy running by, over and over, day after day — you realize you’re in love. Unfortunately, the only means by which you can express this love is by showing him how good you are at crushing him into a tasty broth. Someday, you’re sure, he’ll get the hint.” Your goal is to splat the hero in story and survival mode! He’ll often use multiple evasive maneuvers to dodge you, so make sure to time your shots right or else he’ll take that opportunity to escape! Story mode is 25 levels long with multiple lives and survival mode is 50 levels long, but upon a death you’ll have to restart!” – Continue reading our review of Spike – A Love Story!

Fly N Frog Created by monzazart

“Fly N Frog is an awesome new game by monzazart, sponsored by BubbleBox! This cute, little, physic puzzler revolves around a frog and a fly! You, as the frog, are hungry and want to catch and eat the fly, or flies, in each level! Most of the later levels will have more than one fly. It’s easier said than done though! Those pesky flies will do everything from trying to ram a bull-dozer into you to dropping boulders and wrecking balls on you! This puzzler will challenge you to catch the fly and in each level the fly will try to evade you by setting up obstacles or will place itself in a location where you, the predator, will not easily reach him! This physics puzzler will bring you through waters, mountains and grasslands in attempts to catch the flies! If you earn them in a fast enough time you’ll be awarded medals (bronze, silver, or gold) and may just earn new gear for you frog along the way!” – Continue reading our review of Fly N Frog!

Vampire Physics Created by ozdy

“Vampire Physics is another amazing game by Odzy, the creator of Orange Alert and Purple Invaders, and RobotJAM, the developer of many big titles in collaboration with Long Animals and Rob Almighty. This time they bring you a fun physics game revolved around vampires! What I like about Vampire Physics is that there are a couple of fictional factors (the vampire itself being one) but priests and garlic can kill vampires in this game! The goal is to turn all of the humans in vampires by making contact between a vampire and a human! Once all the humans have turned into blood-sucking monsters you’ll be able to proceed to the next level! This fun physics puzzler will challenge you to a total of 36 levels!” – Continue reading our article on Vampire Physics!

Everything Start to Fall Sponsored by mofunzone

Everything Start to Fall is an innovative art-game platformer! This arty platformer will challenge you to climb a mighty tower, but along the way your character will age. As the character ages from a young baby to a sick old man you can make choices in your life. The choice are represented by little icons. On your death-bed you’ll look back at all of your choice and wonder if they were the right ones. It’s possible to get many different endings with all the choices that are present. Some choices are impossible to not get, such as many of the childhood ones where you’re more guided by the people around you. Everything Start to Fall is a really innovative art game so be sure to check it out on Newgrounds!

Transylvania Created by BeGamerCom

Transylvania is about a potato that sleepwalks himself to the scary and frightening land of Transylvania! In this point-and-click adventure you must guide Mr. Potato through Transylvania and through Hell to reach home! Along the way you’ll have to endure the monsters of Transylvania and the creatures that reside and Hell! Your goal is to get back home! In each stage you have to set off a chain reaction to get you to the next stage. In most stages you have to follow a sequence of clicks! Here’s the official game description “Mysterious forces can sometimes guide Mr. Potato to strange places. Escape from Transylvania and get him safely back to home. Use your mouse to point and click causing a chain of actions and reactions.”

Other Honorable Mentions

Jelly Cannon Created by flashart

Battle for Wayland Keep Created by JAZZA

Cybershock Created by callanCarr

Star Forge Created by HeroInteractive

Newgrounds: Retaliation Created by Torrunt