Fly N Frog is an awesome new game by monzazart, sponsored by BubbleBox! This cute, little, physic puzzler revolves around a frog and a fly! You, as the frog, are hungry and want to catch and eat the fly, or flies, in each level! Most of the later levels will have more than one fly. It’s easier said than done though! Those pesky flies will do everything from trying to ram a bull-dozer into you to dropping boulders and wrecking balls on you! This puzzler will challenge you to catch the fly and in each level the fly will try to evade you by setting up obstacles or will place itself in a location where you, the predator, will not easily reach him! This physics puzzler will bring you through waters, mountains and grasslands in attempts to catch the flies! If you earn them in a fast enough time you’ll be awarded medals (bronze, silver, or gold) and may just earn new gear for you frog along the way!

Fly N Frog

I actually thought that, overall, this game was pretty easy. I had to check the solutions one or two times, since a couple of the levels were actually pretty challenging and mind-bending, or just took a little extra thinking-out-of-the-box, but for the most part the game was relatively easy! I actually liked how easy the game was, throughout the entirety of it. The game was fun and easy to pick up and offered simple puzzles for someone that may just want to have a bit of fun and not have to worry about more challenging levels – not that a good puzzler isn’t bad. I didn’t sense much of a real difficulty o ramp as time went on, but instead the levels remained of the same difficulty. Harder and more challenging levels were sprinkled in at the end of the game, but for the most part if you completed the first ten levels then don’t fret about the other 20!

I really liked the concept of the game! I thought the idea was cute and the colorful imagery was an nice addition to this fun and easy physics puzzler for all ages. I really liked the ability to cling to things with your tongue. The tongue acted much like a grappling hook and could swing you from one ceiling to another, or even open doors! I also liked the addition of medals in the game and collecting all gold is actually pretty difficult! If you have the time and want to collect all the gold medals, unlock the final item and unlock the bonus level then definitely make it a habit to collect those medals! I thought that the physics worked great! I loved the the tongue could propel you to a degree, but sometimes, if you’re not careful, it can work against you! Water physics were also nice! I loved the ability to collect items, but it would also be interesting to have these items give you bonuses or effect your character in some way. For example, the flippers could give you better movement in the water.

I thought that the movement system was kind of clunky. I like how the frog jumped his way around the stage and that even the motion of his tongue could move him a couple inches, but some of the movement, at times, felt like it could have been worked out in a better fashion. The levels that I specifically had trouble with were ones where the tongue was an absolute necessity and often you’d have to cling to an object, fall and cling to another one quickly. The tongue, working much like a grappling hook had to be reloaded before it could fire again. This meant releasing the mouse, falling and then quickly re-aiming and adjusting and firing again. I had exceptional difficulty with level 20, the orange tree. The current movement system also made it impossible to get yourself out of water, unless I’m missing something.

Fly N Frog

I really liked the art style in Fly N Frog! It was really cartoony and contained and used a lot of bright and cheery colors. If you could think of a perfectly happy and peaceful world this, (the art in this game) is probably what would come into your mind! I really liked the background art, but I would have minded if there were more images for the background. There were alsos two mountains, or as portrayed in the image above, islands! I would have loved to see some other fresh designs, even if they rotated in patterns of fives levels – every fifth level the background art changes). The foreground in my opinion was amazing! I loved the details and the plants and bushes everywhere! The stone and cliffs, as shown above, also created a three dimensional sense as the rock juts out to the sides as the cliff curves. The water was well animated, as were all of the sprites, and the water gently swayed back and forth. Many of the items in the game were animated, such as the flies, your character (the frog – which looked great) the duckies and more.

I liked the music and it really matched the art style. The music was upbeat and happy, similar to the art which held a colorful presence! The loop for the piece seemed kind of short to me and I wouldn’t have minded a longer piece for this particular game. Luckily, the sound effects swooped in and saved the day! Taking your mind off the music for a bit of the time, and sounded great overall the sound effects were perfect! There were sound effects for everything necessary in the game and the frog itself had many sound effects. Such sound effects were signaled when the frog jumped and extended his tongue. More sound effects were produced when the frog ate a fly! There were also sounds for the running rivers, like in level 16.

All in all, Fly and Frog is an excellent physics puzzler! This was a really cute physic puzzler game, with relatively simple and easy to complete puzzles that make this game easy to pick up, enjoy, and hard to put down until you’ve completed it! Anyone that wants to play a fun and easy puzzler will definitely confide in Fly and Frog as it possesses both of those qualities! In review, the game wasn’t that difficulty and many of the levels were relatively easy to figure out. The art was really good and the use of color and choice was perfect, and created a cute world for the fly and frog war! The music was really nice, but had a short loop from what I can tell. I really liked the sound effects and the sounds of the environment in the game. I would consider this game pretty original and it held a very addictive quality! I loved the ability to grapple and cling onto objects with your tongue – I would love to see more levels with this as a focus! In conclusion, Fly N Frog is an innovative physics puzzler that’ll challenge you to complete 30 fun puzzlers! Be sure to check it out on Kong or BubbleBox!

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