Vampire Physics is another amazing game by Odzy, the creator of Orange Alert and Purple Invaders, and RobotJAM, the developer of many big titles in collaboration with Long Animals and Rob Almighty. This time they bring you a fun physics game revolved around vampires! What I like about Vampire Physics is that there are a couple of fictional factors (the vampire itself being one) but priests and garlic can kill vampires in this game! The goal is to turn all of the humans in vampires by making contact between a vampire and a human! Once all the humans have turned into blood-sucking monsters you’ll be able to proceed to the next level! This fun physics puzzler will challenge you to a total of 36 levels! If you become stuck refer to the walkthrough below:

Vampire Physics

Play Vampire Physics Walkthrough on Kongregate!

Play Vampire Physics on Kongregate!