Once again, a ton of awesome games were uploaded around the web! My favorites this week were Cathode Rays and DN8, one a puzzling, intricate, puzzler and the other a fast-paced shooter! I’ll break down this weeks games to the top ten for you!

Cathode Rays Created by Nejduvetinte

Cathode Rays is an exciting, new, Unity game that challenges you to bring one or more lasers to an end point without hitting barriers that are not of the colors of the laser that may touch it. It sounds complicated, but it’s really simple and fun to play! This game will pit you against many mind-challenging puzzles! Many have reported problems due to color-blindness as this game is very color based! This is one of the most innovative and fun puzzlers I’ve ever played! You’ll need the Unity web player to play this game!

DN8 Created by GamingYourWay

“DN8 is an excellent shoot-em’-up by Squize on Newgrounds.com! This fast-paced shoot-em’up will bring you through a multitude of levels, each one granting you with a new ability for your ship, empowering or better protecting your ship! Each level will pit you against many enemies and bosses in a Frantic or Bullet Heaven fashion, bullet-hell in fact, would classify it best! Dodge and fire bullets as you continuously upgrade your ship, keeping the game fresh every level, and make your way to the final boss! Different awards and challenges are awarded and completed throughout the game as you complete specified events!” – Continue reading our review of DN8!

UpBot Goes Up Created by bateleur

UpBot Goes Up is an innovative puzzler by bateleur on Kongregate! This puzzler challenges you to complete a variety of levels in which you must guide one-way objects to end-points on the board. Move and push these objects with other objects on the board to get them to the end points. Get all of the items to the end-point to complete the level. UpBot Goes Up is actually a very challenging game and each level makes you really think before you act! Each object on the board can only move in one direction, so you’ll have to take advantage of other rollers to push their opposing piece to locations where they would be able to reach before. This is s must play if you love puzzlers and want to challenge yourself!

Flying Candy Created by SilenGames

Flying Candy is a new game by SilenGames, the developers of Icy Gifts. Flying Candy and Icy Gifts are much the same game, although both are themed differently. Icy Gifts was for the winter season and Flying Candy celebrates Easter! Both have the same gameplay though, so if you liked Icy Gifts then this is the game for you! Flying Candy challenges you to fourty levels of candy collecting and smashing fun as you infect orbs. Orbs will explode when infected and will pop other orbs! Collect candy (the little critters that fall) to upgrade in the shop! Flying Candy is a short mini-game, so if you have a couple minutes to play a game then you’ll want to spend them playing Flying Candy!

Magi: The Fallen World Created by kajika

Magi: The Fallen World is an action-packed fighting game that allows you to explore a vast world of cities and villages, each harboring shops, smithies and quest givers! Along the way you’ll fight evil forces and vicious monsters! As you level up you’ll be able to further power your warrior and distribute points among different skills. While in a dungeon you’ll be able to move your character to various tiles to fight new monsters or collect treasures! You’ll also fight champion beasts and a variety of other monsters.

Other Honorable Mentions:

Flagstaff: Chapter Two Created by joelesler

Roly-Poly Cannon: Bloody Monsters Pack Created by Johnny_K

Elemental War Created by gameduchy

Infinite Tower Defense Created by belugerin

Robotic Emergence 2 Created by robscherer123